Super Street Fighter x Tekken at Tokyo Game Show or NYCC?

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if Capcom will present the big upgrade to SFxT at Tokyo Game Show, which is this week, or at NY Comic-Con (october 11).

From what I know, and from some infos coming from some guys I know at Capcom Europe, the next big version of the game will be out by Paris Games Week, which is at the end of october/beginning of november (it seems to be planned sometime around the Vita release of the game which'll be out by late october).

Ayano was talking about this update on the Street Fighter blog and I'm wondering when they gonna start talking about it. TGS or NYCC are the next big expo coming in the next weeks and Capcom is present at the two (they already said that they are presenting SFxT for Vita there).

I have checked for NYCC and there is panels planned there :

Whats your guess. Will Capcom unveil the 2.0 to SFxT at TGS or NYCC?


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