Interview : SFxT is Tokido's actual main game + his "tier-list"

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SGCafe just put online an interview with Tokido conducted at TGS 2012. In this interview, he talks about his team in TTT2, how he stopped playing P4U and he says that SFxT is his main game at the moment.

He shares his thought about who are the most powerful characters in the game.
—I see. Are you still playing Street Fighter X Tekken?
Yes, in fact that’s my main tournament game right now, because of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary.

—Now that the new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken are out, who do you think are the top for characters in SFxTK?
Of the new characters, Cody is really strong. And after the patches, Dhalsim is strong too, especially now that Ryu has become weaker.
And then… Rolento is still very strong. And of course, Chun-Li is top-tier.
So my top four are (not in any specific order), Cody, Dhalsim, Rolento and Chun-Li. Ryu, although not as good as before, is still very good.

—That’s an interesting list. A while back Sako said in a Famitsu SFxTK column that his top four picks were Ryu, Ken, Kazuya, and Rufus.
Yes, that was before the patches. Now, a lot has really changed in the game.

—What criterion do you look at when determining if a character is strong or weak in Street Fighter X Tekken?
Mostly I look at the reach of the attacks, and whether the moves are safe from a distance or can be punished from far away.

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