Best of the Best TEAMS Win Loss Thread!

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Hey everybody! As per the request of that one angry dude trying to get his testosterone in everyone's coffee, here's the official Best of the Best Win Loss thread.

As stated in the parent thread, seperate your platform of choice with the following!

Bolded Text indicates 360 games

Underlined Text Indicates PS3 Games

I'll try and keep this post updated with the running totals as they come in! Good Luck and Happy Hunting, players!
KoloradoKush420 (Snuggles) Vs RepleteSplash82 (Evilweele) [3-0]
KoloradoKush420 Vs QETZL [3-0]
RepleteSplash82 Vs QETZL [3-0]
RepleteSplash82 Vs ArkhamVII [?]
RepleteSplash82 Vs Nephinel [?]
RepleteSplash82 Vs Age of Fools[D]
RepleteSplash82 Vs Th4nato5 [D]
RepleteSplash82 Vs D Jones [?]
D Jones Vs Age of Fools [3-0]
Pali Vs SkooksAKASkooks [3-0]
SkyKingJ Vs WhiteFury [3-0]
Pali Vs WhiteFury [3-0]
Pali Vs Jack_Shnarf [3-0]
Pali Vs AlxReaper [3-0]
Jack_Shnarf Vs WhiteFury [3-0]
WhiteFury Vs X The Genius [3-0]
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