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Yukiko Amagi... an annoying problem

drsolowdrsolow Misfit from the NorthJoined: Posts: 4
are there any akihiko players out there who have problems facing yukiko players? my housemate likes to use her and its become very very annoying. All I see are a barrage of fans and that damn persona dash across the screen. I can only beat him when I use mitsuru (shes awesome btw) but i would really like to murder him with akihiko. any opinions? tips? bueller?


  • YannickYannick Max Range Panta Rhei Joined: Posts: 4,467
    :eek: EX Corkscrew.

    After that, you're on your own.
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  • leakeyleakey It's about the RESPECT. Joined: Posts: 89
    Be patient and look for your opening. Getting good reads is the key to this MU.

    Chip damage in this game is a joke so don't be afraid to just block fans when you need to. Use his bob and weave moves to dodge fans and build meter from a distance. EX Kill Rush/Corkscrew is good if they're not expecting it, and as always, spacing is crucial. Meter is your friend for getting in and staying in. OMC otherwise risky ways to get in her face and push her to the corner. You might be able to airdash jB her 5C persona preemptively, (haven't tested), but otherwise maybe just EX or dash through it?

    This is probably Aki's toughest MU at face value. Just get her dummy in training mode and keep testing against her moves :D
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  • SUPARNOVAXSUPARNOVAX 必殺技 Joined: Posts: 5,813 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Look for those Stunedge videos and xcopy him.

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  • StarslicerStarslicer WAKEUPULTRAS4DAYZ Joined: Posts: 530
    Get in, stay in and be patient.

    She's a bad matchup for aki, so once you're in there, her main mission is going to be to get you back out. You must monopolize on that, bait it out and counter it to stay in.
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  • YannickYannick Max Range Panta Rhei Joined: Posts: 4,467
    :eek: Capitalize.
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  • drsolowdrsolow Misfit from the North Joined: Posts: 4
    Thanks for the help! ill just have to sit down and learn some more combos so i can capitalize on some mistakes
  • drsolowdrsolow Misfit from the North Joined: Posts: 4
    btw... aigis is hella annoying as well. I feel certain characters are just like BEYOND stacked vs other players.
  • Rushdown_LiamRushdown_Liam Joined: Posts: 7
    Sorry to join in late, but I've recently run into problems facing yukiko and aigis as well. I've had best results by trying to get in the head of the opponent, bobbing and weaving the projectiles and waiting for an opening.

    I like to try to fake out the other player with a few ducks to get close, then either j.C and try to crossup behind them, or Kill Rush (SP), which normally throws them off their game. Once I'm in close I can normally combo them to death.
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