SFxT Daily Clips upload, submit clips if interested

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Sup everyone, on my youtube I've decided to make a daily show type of thing where I upload clips of awesome/funny/crazy stuff that happens, sort of like a 'best combo' or 'top 5 plays' kind of thing, but it isn't restricted to 5 as a maximum, but rather 2-5. So it's basically combos, tech, ridiculous moments, that sorta thing. Check out the two I've done so far:

EDIT: The show's well into the 2nd week now with loads of vids up so far, it's doing well =] It'd be nice if people could help out too.


If anyone likes this idea, and would like to help me out with it, feel free to send me any clips you might have from SFxT (send them to my youtube channel inbox, or check the playlist description for my email), and I'll try to put them in the next day's video. I wanted to do something like this because it's a more structured version of just uploading funny moments, plus it allows the community to show off different awesome stuff in one place, since there's not really this sorta thing for SFxT. I hope this is at least a bit successful, if not I'll still upload clips as I have been.
Check out SFxT Blast Unlimited on YouTube; submit clips to appear in this hype clip compilation show.



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