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The terror of the repeating disasters and the irresistible catastrophes.
They have delivered pessimism to the human village.

A gloomy atmosphere is swirling the village.
However that was not a feeling of despair.
It was more like a feeling of being cooped up.

"It's okay!"

Nobody knew who said it, but there is a feeling you could hear such voice.
Yes, if nothing was going to change, maybe isn't it okay to do anything we want to do?
Yes, we should live more ephemerally.
Little by little the minds of humans in the village have become released free, and at the same they began to disorder.

There were ones viewing the scene from a different perspective: It was the religionists.
They thought they should take over the control of the people who fell into disorder.
Because while they can retrieve the order, it was also a great opportunity to collect their faith at the same time.

The precise who have built a temple in Gensokyo, the Taoist who abandon the material world and dreams immorality.
And the shrine maiden who seeks rehabilitation.
They have all determined: this is just the right timing for "my role".

Now, take your belief as weapons, battle attractively and fight over your popularity!


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