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So Im looking for Xbox friends and I get redirected here... UMVC, SFxT, SSF4AE, 3rd Strike oe

SaltTheDeadSaltTheDead Joined: Posts: 221
And there doesnt seem to be anyone around. Well, if anybody sees this Im playing Umvc3, SFxT, SSF4AE, and 3rd Strike OE. All my stuff got stolen a bit back and now that I reupped Im fresh outta friends who play these games. Im always on and always fighting so anybody who is into fighters, get @ me. Im east coast but if you got decent connection anywhere lets try it out. send me a request or leave your tag here. Gamertag is SaltTheDead


  • HitmanStrikerHitmanStriker Xtremist Joined: Posts: 80
    I may have played you before but not quite sure. I'm on every now and then on 3s OE. GT-HitmanStriker
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