How to do jump loops?

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Games live the marvals, Skull Girls, ect you can start a combo in the air land and re-jump to continue the combo keeping the person in the air. Other than Doctor Doom I have a hard time understanding the concept. Does anyone know of a good tutorial on this subject?


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    Do you have any one particular combo you are trying to do? Might be easier to help you if we know the combo you want to do.

    Depending on the combo you are trying to do, you want the your character to land as the opponent is still getting juggled in the air. As soon as you see your character landing you either hold up or up forward to rejump immediately. In Skullgirls it is the same basic concept for combos in the corners; combos in midscreen may need you to do a dash before you jump so that you are able to connect the next hit.

    If you want to get the basics down on how the rejump works, go to MvC3 and pick She Hulk. Set your dummy to jump and hit it with j. m, j. h, j. s. After the jumping j.s hold up forward and you'll see She Hulk land and immediately jump forward allowing you to link that sequence again.

    In Skullgirls pick Valentine and do cr. hp, (3 hits), j.hp air dash cancel j.hp. Do this against an opponent valentine so you can get the gist of the positioning you need to get. After the second j. hp your character should land and you'll be able to rejump by just holding up forward. Make sure you do this in the corner to ensure you get the rejump. As I mentioned earlier the midscreen ones are a bit more involved.
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    In Marvel I've realized that you've got a little more time to hit people than it seems. To use an example: Felicia has a combo of:

    :qcf::h: (Sonic Spin move thing),:m: (to slide to knock them off their feet), :df:+:m: (Toy Touch, command normal) xx :uf: (normal jump toward), :m::m::h::s:, land, :s: then super jump and do what you want.

    When it comes to that :m::m::h::s: loop I found that while it LOOKS like you won't have enough time to get all 4 of those buttons off, if you actually hit with both :m:, then it seems to give you enough time to chain into the rest of the jump loop. Conversely if you just try :m::h::s:, they will recover when you land, not letting you chain the ground-based :s: soon after. Also make sure you don't hit too many extra buttons during your jump loop, and making sure you connect with one before moving to another.

    It's a matter of practice and getting comfortable with how long each move leaves your opponent in hit stun.
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