Please help me up my online game.

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My team i'm trying to play is Viper/Doom/Strider. This is my offline team which has had lots of success but not as much online.

I keep dropping Viper and Strider's online combos and even sometimes Doom's midscreen and corner loops.

I feel like my opponents playing Ryu/Sent/Spencer/Wesker/Cap/Vergil/Hulk/Wolverine/Akuma really have to do so much less for damage and a much smaller error window on their execution with their combos. It frustrating me because with Viper I'm doing all kinds of tk feints, bk cancel resets, seismo cancels into IAD, but they are dropped online.

I still want to make this team work though.

Also one thing I have lots of problems with is characters with vastly superior normals. My team as a whole doesn't have that great of normals and I get scared to enter my confirms because they lose to
Ryu/Sent/Spencer/Wesker/Cap/Vergil/Hulk/Wolverine/Akuma normals.

I know my team works though and has potential. Its very similar to Marlin's team but with Strider for Strider vajra synergy with Viper and Doom and his anchor/counter anchor strengths. My team really hinges on execution for their ToD and confirms though.
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    welllll you probably don't want to hear this but,
    don't play online
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    You have success offline... Just roll with it and stick with that.
    No point in online.
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    online is going to teach you some really bad habits and it really isn't worth torturing yourself getting combos to work through input delay.
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    Contrary to the people above, I think that you should not just give up online. If you have no way to play against other people other than online, then it's definitely worth just sticking to it or picking easier characters. Losing online is better than just playing Arcade mode over and over.
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    what everyone else said..... either that or you just gotta get those combos down to a point where its just muscle memory, and i mean to the last frame.
    i understand your frustration, i used to run viper online too.
    but keep playing online, the rare chance that you are player matched with a good player, its quite an enjoyable experience
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    I have an offline team Nemesis/Wesker/Hawkeye that is very easy to use but I don't really enjoy it.
    Alot of what I enjoy in fighting games is using very complex technology and actually pulling it off in matches.

    Offline I don't really have the same problem I guess with C.Viper's normals being under-ranged, but I think its because I can block on reaction offline i.e. tridash in, see super armor, chicken or crouch block,
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