Interview with RoachKing

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"Who are the top 5 players going to CM5?
Top 5? I tell you what, I’ll give you my top 8 for East Coast.
Chris G, RayRay, Noel Brown, MarlinPie, Flocker, Myself, Masta CJ, and Moonz. (I PUT A Z, ARE YOU HAPPY MOONZ?) However, there’s still players we’ve yet to see a lot from like Jrosa, Marvelo, Tayson, and the like. A lot of these guys have good days and bad days, but the top 8 I listed I would simply call consistent."

We will be doing more interviews leading up curleh mustache 5. =)


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    Suiko's a great guy. I have alot of respect for him.

    Can't wait till CM5!
    BB: valkenhayn/Carl
    SG: Fortune/Eliza (hype train)/Valentine
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    Had some footage of Dapvip in there. Never felt so sad at the end of a set.
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