SICK Hadouken Theme Song by Zack Andrew

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Gotta watch it my friends. :)


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    I watched Street Fighter 2 Victory when I was like, 12 I think.... it was so damn good. They took many liberties with the plot but they did it so well I had no objection to it. I remember two things I really liked: first, Guile beats the ever-loving crap out of young Ryu and Ken right on the first two episodes, and second they had a design for Charlie Nash which preceded the Guile clone and which I always felt was perfect. It was the first time Charlie / Nash was ever fleshed out as a character and they made him a Jean Reno lookalike black guy who kicked as much ass as Guile throughout the show.

    This is when Bison kills him near the end of the show:

    It was also the first time BIson was portrayed as the muscular psycho power wielding behemoth we have to contend with today. The mere crime lord and thug from the Street Fighter 2 game became, in the show, a ruthless man with damn near godlike power like we saw him in Alpha.

    And yeah, the hadoken theme when Ryu was still learning how to use it and took an entire episode to focus one fireball!

    Thanks for the great memories man.
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