What would we want in a Persona 4A sequel?



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    Is there some good reason I can't opt to see my inputs in the challenge trials?  This seems like an obvious include.
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    The ability to select a weapon, just for cosmetic purposes. Admit it, Yu needs a golf club.
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    Eirokaj wrote: »
    Remove the auto combo system.

    Absolutely positively NOT. Think of how many players that would exclude. The game was made for Persona fans and Arc System Works fighter fans alike. Having the auto-combo system introduces the player to the deeper mechanics of each character. Besides, that combo usually does the least amount of damage, so removing it would be suicide, considering the audiences they were catering to.

    Why is it that a smaller studio like Arc System Works can make higher quality games than Capcom? Because BlazBlue, that's why. Anyone who disagrees can suck it!

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    rematch option. seriously how did that not get put in?
    i've only played like an hour of the story but it is pretty boring to sit through. i know it's a fighting game and that's not the focus but still. then again i've never played a persona game. so meh.

    ummm i'm new still to this game so that's all i can really say right now.
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    Number one thing I don't like about this game are all the invulnerability frames and armor causing too frequent "wtf just happened?" moments. This video shows it in hilarious fashion:
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    I want 3 on 3 battles with assists and parrying and I wanna pick my groove and I want chip damage to cause deaths and I wanna hit opponents while there on the ground , and ground bounce combos and I want a side scrolling beat em up mode like gg boost with 12 player online co-op with assists and parrying and ultras...... And a full length animated movie. But on a serious note!!!!.... I'd like some form of replay channel type deal.
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    The biggest thing I want are more characters, like Junpei, Yukari, the Persona 3 male and female protagonists, Metis, Margaret, Theodore, (Persona 4 [Golden] spoilers)
    Adachi, Marie, and maybe even Namatame and Izanami.
    They could also dip into the Persona 1 and 2 casts if they feel they would fit the game.

    They could also include other P3 and P4 locations as stages, like various blocks of Tartarus from P3 (including the top), and all the P4 dungeons (with their theme songs, or remixes if the themes don't fit a fighting game).

    There's also a bunch of songs I think they could have included as battle songs. Some off the top of my head:

    Master of Tartarus
    Master of Shadow
    Burn My Dread -Last Battle-*
    Wiping All Out*
    Danger Zone
    Unavoidable Battle

    *A remix might work better, but I think the original would still fit a fighting game well enough.

    All of the above is ignoring stuff they could add from Persona 5 (whenever it releases). And I realize a lot of this stuff wouldn't work within whatever story another Persona Arena game would have, but this could be stuff just for Versus matches, and considered non-canon.

    As far as gameplay goes, I also agree with those who suggested adding some new moves to every character. The movesets do feel like they could use a few extra moves.
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    Nerf chie/narukami 5d(d). They're super retarded and make an otherwise sound game often braindead and boring to play and watch.
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    After playing this game for months, some thoughts on what I think would make it better overall, without getting too much into character specifics:

    * Get rid of super cancels on DPs. Remove the ability to combo off DP for every character that can do so.
    I used to think that wasn't a problem, but it really is. Being able to DP > Power Charge is effectively giving you the ability to OMC a reversal, which is intentionally not allowed for very good reasons. While I still think it's not too bad to get hit by things like DP > Bufudyne or DP > Ziodyne, as they're all perfectly avoidable, I do agree after playing the game for this long that it just doesn't "philosophically" make sense to be able to do that. DPs are supposed to be risky defensive reversals. They're not supposed to involve baits or mixups. If you miss one, that should be the end of that, you get punished for free, no matter what. Similarly, they shouldn't be leading into damage. They're supposed to be about defense, you shouldn't be getting combos or oki off of them.

    * DPs should all be more uniform.
    More specifically, they should all start up fast and recover slow, which is currently not the case for everyone. Yosuke and Chie recover too fast, Labrys and Shabrys start up too slow. As much as I like doing it when playing against Labrys, reacting to a DP shouldn't be possible. That's the whole point of a DP, catching other people pressing buttons. And get rid of the guard point, it should be invincible, like everyone else's.

    * Guard Cancels need to activate a lot faster, have invincibility instead of guard point and recover immediately on whiff. OMC and OMB off Guard Cancels should be disabled.
    Just like DPs, you should not be able to react to them at all. The cost of doing one is already high enough, every character in this game has other things they would much rather spend that 50 meter on. They shouldn't also be unsafe and potentially useless (if your opponent has quick normals and good reflexes) on top of that. Just like you shouldn't be able to combo off DPs, you also should not be able to combo off Guard Cancels. They're defensive tools, they shouldn't be leading into damage.

    * Get rid of Guard Point on overheads. Blocked overheads should always leave you in counter-hit state for the entire recovery.
    Why is this a thing? They're already good enough as it is, they don't need any kind of armor. And I have no idea why certain characters (i.e. Chie, Yosuke, maybe others?) aren't in counter-hit state when their overheads get blocked. They should be. You fucked up, you should be getting punished as if you had done any other unsafe move.

    * Make vortex setups weaker.
    This is mostly for Chie and Narukami. I don't like anything that turns this into a single player game and their setups tend to do that. Aigis, Shabrys and Kanji also have strong wake-up game, but there's always a way out of those if you read the opponent's offense correctly. That's how it should be. That's not how it is with Chie/Yu - they often get away with too much free pressure. This isn't Marvel, I need to be able to do something other than "guess right or die". If you're worried about the characters being ruined by not having (or having weaker) vortex, you shouldn't be. Narukami can still beat Teddie perfectly fine, even without access to 5D oki.

    * Get rid of the clash mechanic. Moves should either hit, trade, or whiff. You don't need anything else on top of that.
    It's annoying and, like wiredgod mentioned, serves no purpose other than creating a bunch of "wtf just happened? oh, I guess I got hit, then" moments. It also gives some characters advantage in situations they shouldn't have. I.e: If I'm half-screen away and do A Coup Droit and Narukami clashes with 5A, he gets to press another button before I do, even though he was the one mashing. That doesn't make any sense. Anti-airs clashing with air moves is another example of that kind of situation. You got anti-aired while jumping, why do you have the advantage? DPs clashing with other DPs is another one. The harder you mash, the more likely you are to win! This mechanic needs to go.

    * Some of the hitboxes don't make sense
    Why do several characters' j.A hit behind them, despite looking like they should only hit in front of them? You mess up spacing on an air-turn cross-up and still get a hit anyway. Hurray, free mixups! That doesn't make sense. Why does Ziodyne hit behind Narukami? Etc.

    In general, I want the game to be more about neutral and less about knockdown > win, and more about encouraging intentionally doing smart things and less about "I messed up but I got lucky and won anyway" situations. I think all of these are more important than new moves or new characters. Fix the issues first, then add new things.
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    I'd like an ability to program multiple sets of commands for the dummy in training mode, and then have the computer pick them randomly. Mainly this is so you can practice blocking alternating mixups from really strong offensive characters like chie and aigis.

    Edit: nm, you can already do this.
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    Replace the AoA system. It's a pain in the ass mashing A+B five times to get the Fatal. This gets irritating when you're in training mode trying to practice AoA combos.Your fingers get and arms get sore. Maybe just give the successful AoA the max number of hits and then allow for the C or D fatal counter.
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