Possible fix for pc teleport?

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So my friend and I have been doing some testing to see if we can fix the lag issue or at least make it less frequent. Basically My friend tried to limit SfxT to run on 1 core and it worked for him.

I did the same thing on my end and I can clearly tell that the game is running smoother.I tried to msg them afterwards to see if I was teleporting to them but they never replied :(

clearly this is all speculation but it would be really helpful if the rest of the remaining 20 of the PC community would help me test to see if this can produce any positive results.

In order to do this you need to have a multi core processor (Duh) and do the following

ctrl+shift+esc>process tab>right click sfxt.exe>set affinity>only allow 1 core

The bad thing about this is that you'll need to do this every time you start the game.If there's another way please let me know.


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