Interview with FOOBLAT

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More interviews to come with all the players invited to Curleh Mustache 5. Fooblat is known for running his Hulk/Haggar shell and causing major upsets.

where do you see marvel going?
::counts on fingers:: Eight more years? I was recently just making the observation and asking a few friends: Remember how everyone was sarcastically saying “Ten more years” for MVC3? When did that become “when’s marvel?” I’m glad – I was never in the first group, ot oops it’s just a funny observation.


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    I am not doing this for the hits, I wanted to interview everyone going into Curleh Mustache 5 as the community is rather disjointed and unorganized. I want to get some spotlight for some of these players, if you don't like it why don't you make content then, be proactive.
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    Well, I just didn't like the last post from F champ getting drunk because that was pure sensationalism, I deleted my last post since I'm ok with interviews.

    Sorry about that.
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    We will be posting much more MVC content, trying to cover everything. I know the article on Fchamp was rather sensationalism but have to think of it from an outside perspective from someone that is not in the FGC scene.

    No one has scammed any SC2 players, we still employ and send/sent to events our players.
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