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Need some serious help

Nathan PrinceNathan Prince Joined: Posts: 14
Hello everyone. I hope someone reads this and gives me some friendly tips. Right now im playing sfxt. Im currenty a b rank which was a persoal achievement for myself, but now i find myself stuck in a rut. I can play roughly 20 game online and win maybe 1 or 2 games. Im by no means a great player but i can hold my own, but recently i havent been. My old team was bison and bryan, however when bryan (in my opinion) got nerfed, i went off him completely. And now ive picked up yoshimitsu and kazuya. I know the chemistry between the two of them may not be great but its who ive decided to play with. Im forever getting beaten and i just dont understand why. i dont kow what im doing wrong. I was hoping someone ould me some general tips on improving my game and tips on learning a new character. Any help would really be appreciated

My psn is Nathan_Stathan, if you would like a game


  • Miguel RossingtonMiguel Rossington Dedicated Nina Williams Player Joined: Posts: 290
    Start winning
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  • Shooting Star RockmanShooting Star Rockman Jaded Joined: Posts: 1,246
    Watch your replays, as well as take a break. Too much stress might cost you.
  • Vulcan HadesVulcan Hades Flea Stance Tea-bagging Joined: Posts: 1,842
    Post a video of your recent matches and I'll tell you why you're losing so much.

    My guess is you're trying to rushdown with Yoshimitsu and trying to mixup with Kazuya. Or something like that..
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