Need some serious help

Nathan PrinceNathan Prince Joined: Posts: 14
Hello everyone. I hope someone reads this and gives me some friendly tips. Right now im playing sfxt. Im currenty a b rank which was a persoal achievement for myself, but now i find myself stuck in a rut. I can play roughly 20 game online and win maybe 1 or 2 games. Im by no means a great player but i can hold my own, but recently i havent been. My old team was bison and bryan, however when bryan (in my opinion) got nerfed, i went off him completely. And now ive picked up yoshimitsu and kazuya. I know the chemistry between the two of them may not be great but its who ive decided to play with. Im forever getting beaten and i just dont understand why. i dont kow what im doing wrong. I was hoping someone ould me some general tips on improving my game and tips on learning a new character. Any help would really be appreciated

My psn is Nathan_Stathan, if you would like a game


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