One button normal + super / special? bug or a feature?

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Hey guys!
Just got my TE stick few days ago (was a keyboard warrior before), The transition from a keyboard to an arcade stick is kind of difficult for me, so I spend a lot of time in training mode and I've noticed one strange thing - When I do 2 QCF + punch I sometimes get a punch canceled into super or special. So im just not sure if its a bug or a feature? Here's the vid:


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    Looks like you're probably getting the negative edge of the button press. Specials and supers can come out on the "up" of a button as well as the down. You can see it clearly if you hold HP, then do a QCF and let go of HP, and you should get a fireball.
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    Thanx, its really the negative edge, Havn't seen it using keyboard.
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