I'm Not a Real Ni##a

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And thus Team (not a real) NAH was born

Was on Bum's stream rolling when he played it 20 times.
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    I hope this is you so that there's an actual reason to make this a topic.

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    :rofl: oh shit. nigga is dead cryin. :rofl:
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    I admit, I lol'd when I was first shown it, but this is literally grown men making fun of someone.

    I think it would be in everyone's best intrest for them to take it down.
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    ugh. i watched about 1/4th of the video before i realized the audio on the youtube video was muted and the sound i heard was coming from, you guessed it, the shoryuken ad! the ad was just playing music. i was like "what the hell is this video about?" lol

    anyways, i'd bring on the waterworks too if i lost $90 playing a video game.
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    Why would you make this here, this should be in GD, if at all.
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    Stay free!!!
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    As I've already said.

    Don't be so harsh on his aspie autistic bum hole, even the EVO Champ and king of white people feels threatened by CORN.

    White people VS Corn 5v5 at SCR.
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    I feel sorry for him. I' glad the loss (of money) isn't really a big thing for him. But I totally don't respect them making an upload of him. Some people can be cruel :(
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    As I've already said.

    Don't be so harsh on his aspie autistic bum hole, even the EVO Champ and king of white people feels threatened by CORN.

    White people VS Corn 5v5 at SCR.

    What about the white kid when they were doing their "stick check" that got out of the elevator? The one that, when asked if they could see his stick, said "no, fuck you" and they let him walk and waited until he was gone to say anything? Either too slow to catch on, or got punked by a random white kid. Either way, notagoodlook.jpg. :rofl:

    edit: oh wait, most people are going to have only ever seen this video since it seems to have gone viral in the FGC. Ne'rrrrrrrrrrrmind.
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