analog trigger question

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having problems with my 360 trigger mapping where it keeps pressing itself. I read some where that it may be due to the buttons being opened and not closed and that I might need something called an anti switch. does anyone know if this may indeed be the problem? or does anyone know how I can turn a open switch to a closed switch? thanks


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    Any mods you already perform on that Xbox 360 controller?

    Sometimes when you remove the analog pots for the triggers, even if they are not in use, you still have to "neutralize" the triggers with resistors, to return the trigger input to a "neutral" state.

    There are (for instructional purposes) 3 states you want your analog at, fully Pressed , "Neutral" and full other direction.
    Fully Press is at its ether highest or lowest resistance value, the full other direction is the dead opposite. Neutral is the half way mark, where your triggers aren't pressed or in analog sticks the stick is dead center.
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