Need assistance figuring out what keeps killing these sticks :(

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A while back I had lent a friend a stock 360 brawlstick and after a few weeks it stopped connecting. When plugging it in to the 360 the player LED lights come on and it does the circle pattern (before it stops on player led) then just goes off after 2 secs.
I tried different USB ports on the console, multiple other consoles and even PC but same result with all of them.

I ended up just chalking this up to a faulty PCB and gave the friend a stock SE with a JLF. A month or so later the JLF stick started missing some inputs and would stick a bit (hold right, let go but the character keeps moving for a split second more even though stick returned to neutral). I assumed the JLF must've had an issue (although I had it for over a year it hadn't been installed prior) but didn't have my kit to replace it on me so let the friend take it home but a few days later the stick stopped working (buttons still worked). Tried it on PC and different console but still the JLF was dead so I replaced it with the stock SE stick and a different JLF and neither worked but strangely enough, when we took it to a casual session and tried it on a different console it worked (continued to have the 'sticking' issue) but stopped working again after the friend took it back to his place.

Both SE and Brawlstick did not have any of the pcb/connections tampered with (still had the glue on there) and the only odd thing I noticed was there was a little rust forming on the SE's base screws but I assumed it might be due to the protective layer being stripped when taking the screws off/on.

Someone mentioned I should check to see if signals are being sent in the brawlstick and I do have a volt/multimeter but I have no clue what setting to use or which contact points to test.

Anyone experience anything like this or have any suggestions on what may be causing it or how to fix it?


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