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sanford waz right

LunaEstFrigida_LunaEstFrigida_ Joined: Posts: 30
pretty much every female player uses chun or viper but more of the former since the former is braindead womanly easy mode i think sanford was right games are becomeng dummed down so we gotta fight the power tll capom to stop makin dum down games we gota tell capcom to start bein like arc sys and namco and not dum down their games just to bring in customers this is becomeng the cod of fighters new revision every year be cas people ar too dum to fight weaknesses and learn matchups and everyone is dum so the game has to be dummed down to so we can live in a world full of dum ppl and we r all gonna die dum instead of smart like 90s games 90s games werent dum sf2 was made in the 90s and that wus not a dum game and mvc2 wasnt dum either and xmvsf wasnt dum but now today these games r dum mvc3 sneese an you just got 100% now that is dum o look im losing o wait i hav x factur lvl 3 and now all i hav to du is land 3 hits on each charactur and u r dead son look how dum that is an sf4 is super dum too ultras an revursal winows are dum bb is the hardest game out today dat game is not dum the bottom line is dat capcom shud stop makin dum games because dum games make us dum as a hueman and we dont wanna be dum or else w get ppl like jorge w bush in office and he was dum


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    ctrl+f "dum"

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    Damn...they don't make trolls like they used to.
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    sanford is always right
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    I'm going to close this. You can try again after you've taken English lessons (please ask for an in-depth discussion of punctuation).
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