The Comics Kickstarter Thread

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Comics Alliance is running a daily feature concerning successful Kickstarters for comic books. Everytime I read one of the articles, it makes me wish I had known about the Kickstarter while it was active so I could support it. This is how I heard about Carbon Grey which quickly became one of my favorite books.

Use this thread to post interesting Kickstarters for comics or point out more successful ones that are worth taking a look.

To get things started...

Carbon Grey

I fully endorse this book. Perhaps b/c it's so up my alley, but regardless of that this deserves a read. The setting reminds a bit of the WW2 era scenes from Suckerpunch, only w/ advanced technology thrown in here and there.


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    A couple hundred years from now, Humanity has spread across the skies. We were evicted from Earth long ago by alien invaders. So long ago, in fact, that no one alive has ever seen Earth. No one can find it. It's a legend. A fairy tale. Six friends -- children from different families aboard a science vessel -- go on a supply run, and return to their ship to find it adrift, and their parents missing. As they search for their parents, they'll have to dodge the Military, the Science Council, and Alien Pirates who all want the same thing -- the secret project their parents were working on. Earth is real, and their parents found it.

    This seems like an awesome mix of Runaways & Battlestar Galactica.
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    Carbon Grey looks magnificent. Superb artwork in all aspects.

    It's sad that it needs a kick starter to get the books out or whatever when you got all these ugly ass comics getting churned out monthly by some of the worst artist I have seen being colored by @maxx lol
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    Carbon Grey is amazing.

    uh-MAY-ZING! Here's my favorite panel thus far - very minor spoilers:
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