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Hello gentlemen (and ladies),

I'm KQF, and none of you know me, so hello. I have lurked these forums here and there. I'm friends with this guy on here Yvive, who I'm sure none of you know either. ;) I usually just get info from him, but I decided it's time to get my own account and start reading/posting more often.

I have been playing tournament fighters in the arcade since childhood. I grew up on some amazing SNK fighters such as Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown, as all the Neo Geo arcade consoles were very popular at the diners and bowling alleys I got to go to with my folks. My first home console fighter was MK2, which I played the hell outta on my Sega Genesis. I spent quite a many hour playing Soul Calibur 2 with friends and got to be fairly ok with that. Over the last few years I've played around with GGXX (Reloaded and now more recently AC), BB, KoF13, SC5, and P4A. I am really liking P4A, and it's been fun going back to GGXXACP. I most recently was at Youmacon, though I did not compete. I am hoping to compete next year, though I imagine I will scrub to you all. ;)

Anywho, that's me, nice to meet you all.


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    Hi, welcome to SRK.

    We don't usually do introductions here. The sight is simply too large with too many users. When you get some specific questions you'd like some help on, come back over to the newbie dojo.
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