Roof Fighters : 2 guys vs fighters

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Welcome to our Roof!
As the title suggests this is a series of episodes where me and my buddy Tasos play fighters...
on a roof...
hence the name...
I'll just continue writing...
We've wanted to do this for a long time, being inspired by the big names out there(CC, Maximilian, etc.) so we finally got around to actually producing it.
So what this boils down to is we are using the overused "lets play" formula. We really can't think of something better at the moment and we're breaking our scalps trying to come out with ideas(gimmicks if you will...) to spice up things a bit. We aren't exactly the best English speakers either but we felt using subtitles along with our native language won't cut it since a lot of juicy lingo details gets lost in the translation. We hope with enough practice we'll be able to express ourselves better.
Our main objective with this is showing how you can still have fun and be a normal player. You've probably seen the best of the best having a go at it, now its time to see the normal average players fight.
The episodes so far:
There is also a Pilot episode made for testing out stuff and getting feedback, if you liked the others feel free to watch this too:
Every Friday we'll have a new episode.
If there is something you liked or didn't like you're free to tell us. We accept any form of criticism/ideas/suggestions. We'll also be watching this thread and updating with episodes every time we release one so you can tell us what you want here if you want.
We also have a Facebook if you want to follow us:
Thanks in advance for watching!


  • Roof_SteveRoof_Steve Joined: Posts: 2
    Next episode coming up! This time we play Soul Calibur IV

    its got vader in it and thats mainly what we wanted. Instead we got dead online and a reminder that Steve can't play this game at all.
    Next time we want SC we'll just go for 5...

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