feel like a hit a stump guys

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hello everyone. been playing AE a lot for the past couple months now and i have improved a lot since i first started. these past couple weeks i feel like i hit a stump in progress. my pp pretty much stays put and i dont feel like im winning more fights then i used to. any advice to help a fellow player get through this


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    I can offer generic advice, but that's pretty much covered by the last ten or so threads asking the same question as you. Feel free to thumb through the newbie or AE section to find those threads.

    If you provide specific scenarios or match footage, then I can give advice better-tailored towards yourself.
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    Your post is too blog-esque.

    Use specifics and give us situations.
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    I felt like I hit a stump once. So I got out of my jeep and hollered to the wife "I'll be damned Ethel! That IS a stump!" What a sticky wicket!

    Tldr: go read, practice, play more? Post in a sticky, be more specific.
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    Don't hit stumps, trees are cool, go beat up a car or something.
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    Generally speaking - I find the best way to get over a stump is to pick up a new character. It opens your mind a bit and you learn something new. Gives you confidence to go back to your own character - and don't pick similar characters either. Meaning, if you're playing Sagat, don't go pick Ryu or another shoto. Pick Gief or Hawk. Pick Yun or Cammy. Basically, if you're playing a certain character archetype, learn a new one and learn to adapt that play style to your own character. Nothing is scarier than a grappler that can rush you the fuck down and do it well, or a zoning fireball character that knows how to utilize throw setups extremely well or a rushdown character that play footsies and lock you into a positional disadvantage throughout the whole match.
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