Having a ton of trouble with FADC (playing on a fightpad)

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Hello all! I've been playing as Juri since early this year and I think she's great. From her fireball mixups to her anti air tactics and zoning she's just a blast!

There are a few things, I believe, that keep me from progressing any further in skill, and that's FADC into combos

It's like I'm semi capable when executing them. I either hit an opponent with a fireball then attempt to do a FADC, but my imputs end up doing a neutral Focus attack instead of dashing forward. When an opponent gives me an opening I try to execute a FADC combo (MK into low fireball into FADC) but most of the time I screw it up.

Here's the exact imputs I do when trying to execute a FADC:

MK+MP and Forward at the same time, or
MK+MP and forward forward twice

seems like that's what I SHOULD be doing, but it doesn't come out right.

What I want to know is, what are the EXACT imputs to do a FADC into a combo?

This is what I'd like to do: MP+MP into HP then ex cartwheel.
Details in the timing would be a lot of help too.

Can you guys help me out? Thanks :)
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