Fighting Game Academy (Live Action Fighting Game Short)

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Hello everyone! My name is John and I am the proud owner of Reimage Studios. I've currently started this production company inorder to bring the enterainment community closer. I've set up shop both here in Charlotte, NC and in Miami, Fl and am currently working on expanding to Georgia. Me and my team are an up and coming studio so our funding is not to big but this project is. For those young at heart, this story is a action-comedy (Leaning way more on the comedy than action) about three young students who are attending a new school to become the best fighters ever. Mostly based on fighting games and their respective characters, this story is brings out the hi-jinks and the crazy trouble three new kids can get into in just one day. Actors/Actress do not need to know fighting or martial arts experience since its heavy on the comedy but it would be helpful.
For this short film/pliot, we will need:

-The three main characters (two boys - Allen and Leeroy, one girl - Maya) both boys are best friends, and the girl is a “newcomer badass”
-Dan (Street Fighter) - Orientation & Homeroom Teacher
-Rock Howard (King of Fighters) - Student in Dan’s Class
-Ayane (Dead or Alive) - Student in Dan’s Class
-Ibuki (Street Fighter) - Student in Dan’s Class
-Julia Chang (Tekken 3) - Student in Dan’s Class
- If possible,12 extras (Students in seats)
-Iori Yagami (King of Fighters) (Bad Guy)
-Ryu & Ken (Street Fighter & Optional)

Now for a project this big, I cannot pay for all the actors/actress involved. Like I said we are a up and coming studio so the budget is not there to pay every single person but I will pay for food, wardrobes for certain characters and possible travel (depending on where your coming from). Also its something else to put in your portfolio. If your interested, please e-mail me at
and also take a look at the website at Thanks for your time in reading this and hope to hear from you guys soon!

John Brioso
Reimage Studios

P.S. -We need the support of all those in the gaming community to make this a constant web series. Please support so we can do this for you guys. Thanks. Also we are looking for people now in North Carolina so please e-mail us. Thanks again!


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