"I am the lightning, the rain transformed..." — Raiden Thread



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    Is anybody even taking into account that your opponent has to hit you too? And that you still build decent ap on block strings? With the right spacing, Raiden can stuff out a lot of moves and stay safe. He (and other characters) can also do a neutral hop dodge, which makes you shortly invincible and escaping throws while shortening the recovery on the dodge, enabling you to immediately punish combo wiffed moves on the ground upon landing. Raiden can still be devastating if he touches you, he just has to get in and such Is the rushdown playstyle. I can't think of rushdown characters in other games that have gotten free easy optimized combos off of a normal throw like Raiden had. It just made people play him like a graphler. Just getting in for that tick throw instead of working his way in like a rushdown character is supposed to.
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