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    what are you playing with now?
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    Why does nobody mention ryu in easy execution characters
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    BigT232 wrote: »
    So I'm looking to get into this game and was wondering some Noob friendly characters, I use a PS3 pad to play.

    I'm a fan of Marvel characters so those would be preferable suggestions and I HATE Wesker and Vergil.

    Nova is your boy. When I see him listed as mid tier on tier charts it blows my mind. He's a low execution Magneto with a little more health, higher priority, and with significantly higher damage output. I've just recently decided to give in and play top tier and it's amazing how much easier it is to win with him than low or even mid tiers. His basic bnb combos do great damage and are very reliable. I personally think pairing him with Spencer is a must--not because he needs it but because they're just so good together (and because Spencer is just absurd).
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    Nova's damage output is not higher than Magneto's, off perfect world confirms they both do similar damage, but the kicker is that Mags can get pretty much the same damage of any stray hit, Nova can't.
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