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Struggling, plateaued in sub-scrub status

MacabreDerekMacabreDerek Joined: Posts: 5
Hey all,

Wondering if anyone else has this particular problem. As of this writing, I am currently playing SF4:AE for the 3DS, have a history of fighters (SSF2:HDR, BB:CE/CS, GG2X, SF3:3S, and about 20 others). For as much fun as I have playing matches that 'evolve' as I figure a fellow scrubs weaknesses and vice versa where it feels like some degree of improvement is made, this is so rare an instance that it's feeling a little disheartening.

I found two major tendancies that keep creeping up that I am not sure why they happen. One I try to work around, the other I really cant. 1) I seem to gravitate to unnessisarily complicated characters, more often this is in the execution front. Urien (SF3:3S), Carl (Blazblue), Eddie (GG2X), etc. and now Juri in SF4:AE. 2) Outside of 2-in-1s, my ability to execute even the most fundamental combos is just lacking. Something as simple as Juri's j.mp -> j.mp -> EX Dive ->Ultra is just a guaranteed fail in matches. I probably put 2-3 hours of practice during my regular routines, and get about an hour of actual vs. play, but suffice it to say it doesn't go too well.

I've tried going to more basic characters, but my paitence with them quickly dwindles. If I dont enjoy the character I am playing, what's the point right? It's that second issue that really starts getting to me however. Following alot of videos and reading (Dom 101, Sirlin P2W, etc), but in the end it always feels like the demand is far exceeding my abilities, and the improvement needed in order to reach a level of 'competence' is just not going to happen. (When you cant even use Fireballs to link combos with Juri, you got a problem). I've been told to play to my strengths in this regard, but quite frankly I dont have any.

What is it I am missing? Is this simply a case of moving on or is this more of a case of 'GTHO n00b'.

I feel like it really is time to move on, because when you've been playing for three months with no signs of improvement, well.. I think you know where I am heading with this. Self-ownage is a hard pill to swallow.

Is there a solution?


  • VulpesVulpes No. Joined: Posts: 3,678
    3DS only has a SSF4 release (no AE), no? Either way, that version sucks donkeyballs and given you have access to a console or a capable PC (see: list of other games you played) I have no idea why you'd choose the 3DS version of all things.
    The entire game layout (Pad without Triplebuttons, hacking via touchscreen, significant likelihood of input delay) on top of the IMPOSSIBILITY(!) to play on wired (plus well, it's 3DS netcode) make the game unplayable and even worse so online.

    Combos are a comparably small thing in SF4. Are you sure there's no improvement whatsoever? You haven't gotten better at punishing Shoryukens? You haven't learned which button to press at what distance? You're not jumping less? etc

    Also, it's a game. If you're not having fun, take a break and see later if you want to go back. If you do, good. If you don't, .. don't. There's no reason to force yourself to do something.
  • MacabreDerekMacabreDerek Joined: Posts: 5
    To put it as a quick explanation, had to make a few budget decisions that has made my console and arcade stick a non-option. The DS gives me a chance to practice on the road, and good for pickup games.

    Yea, I am pretty sure there is no improvement. It's quite obvious when I cant catch a Ken or Ryu spamming shoryukens that when I try to punish a shoryken I just end up eating another shoryuken. Try not to jump, but eventually the ability to move in close becomes an impossibility, and holding back is just earning me chip damage, so those stupid moments of frustration or panic start making me eat more shots. Ran across a 4x perfected Guile earlier this morning. I am sure there were things I COULD do, but instead I just felt locked down and every option is the wrong one.

    W/L isn't bothering me all that much, I acknowledge 90% of players are gonna shut me down, what bothers me is I have absolutly no show of improvment, and it's feeling like an excersise in frustration.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Oh, and it;s "Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition" as offical title. Just use to the idea that it has Juri so it becomes Arcade Edition in my brain (Mostly because I only own basic Street Fighter 4 for my console).
  • VulpesVulpes No. Joined: Posts: 3,678
    Juri was added with Super. AE brought Yun, Yang, Oni and E.Ryu (none of which are present in the 3DS version).

    Go into Training Mode, select your character, CPU Juri, put the Dummy on record and have him do an LP shoryu, then put him on playback. Practice.

    As noted, 3DS online is a piece of crap. And stuff like Guiles actively cheating doesn't make the experience any better.

    I have the 3DS version too somewhere, maybe we can play (lol)
  • ExeeterExeeter senior pugilist Joined: Posts: 55
    Scrub is not a skill level, its a mind set.

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  • MacabreDerekMacabreDerek Joined: Posts: 5
    My bad, thank you for the correction Vulpes.

    Been spending alot of time in training mode lately, been trying to get some air-juggles down, but I keep managing to dive-kick under the falling opponent.

    I imagine that guile's ability to throw out moves without a charge can be a big advantage, but the fact I got hit with it in the first place is all on me.

    If you want to play, I have no objections to a hour-long beating lol.

    Exeeter: And I am the definition of that horribly self-destructive mindset.
  • VulpesVulpes No. Joined: Posts: 3,678
    Been spending alot of time in training mode lately, been trying to get some air-juggles down, but I keep managing to dive-kick under the falling opponent.
    I don't think [j.MP > j.MP xx Dive] is a basic combo anyways.. how about [j.MP > s.HP xx L./Ex.Pinwheel] instead?
    I imagine that guile's ability to throw out moves without a charge can be a big advantage
    It's .. lol. 3DS Guile might be the strongest character in SF4 history <>
    If you want to play, I have no objections to a hour-long beating lol.
    Don't worry; I have no clue whatsoever how to use these controls anymore. No idea how you manage to play on that (or how I did..). Also no idea how to find other people and stuff on 3DS. Send me a PM or something :looney:

    E: Also I'm from Europe so I guess it's going to be even more unplayable than anyways <>
    Exeeter: And I am the definition of that horribly self-destructive mindset.
    Scrub has little to do with self-destructive. "It's my fault" (what you wrote quite often) is the _opposite_ of the 'scrub mindset'. A scrub OP would've looked more like: "Fuck I'm so unlucky I can only play on the 3ds version and FUCK I lose all my games because it's so bad, Guile is OP as fuck but I don't want to play him cus he's lame, also wtfff at the online I lose to lag so often, man what am I gonna do I lose to people that are 324234 times worse than I am all day because they're lame and abuse and FUCK I'm really damn good at this game but I keep losing because of bullshit!! How to beat retards?"
  • MacabreDerekMacabreDerek Joined: Posts: 5
    Well, I still look forward on the challenge. At the very least you get to see how bad I really am lol

    As for the comment about Scrub being a mental state, I define it as a mental state that prevents a person from getting better. What you posted does the same job as the mindset I am in. Hopefully, I can break past it.
  • MacabreDerekMacabreDerek Joined: Posts: 5
    Just wanted to thank Vulpes for the ass-whoopin.
  • ErawanErawan The tiger who swapped his stripes for spots Joined: Posts: 221
    Getting at good at Street Fighter is a long ass journey, one I am still on to try and reach a 'decent' level of ability. I'm not very good to be honest and I could just as easily as you get frustrated, but I don't. Why? Because I know there are a lot of holes in my game and I'm confident, that if I could fix them all, then I would be a very capable player, so until I reach that point I'm not gonna bitch (much :P).

    Now, this is my opinion and it might not count for much what with me being a 'scrub', but I'm pretty sure it's true - anyone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong, please do. In Street Fighter, there are many, many facets. Individually, they are small and not of great significance on their own, but if you work on each and every one of these little pieces, together they all come together and will make your game solid. The analogy I like to think of is imagine your ability as a big boat with lots of little holes in it, you can't expect to patch up just a few of the holes and expect to float, especially not if you haven't patched it properly!

    Here's my checklist of things I need to be able to do:
    • Get my BnB combos down consistently (at least 10 times in a row, both sides, aka execution. Plinking and double-tapping comes here)
    • Being able to play well on both sides of the screen (lol, embarrassing but true, I still can't get my dash from right to left 100%)
    • Getting my punishes down
    • Forgetting to dashback or grab when the opponent is focus attacking! (>:()
    • Knowing my block strings
    • Knowing how to keep up the pressure on an opponent
    • Knowing (and using!) my anti-airs
    • Spacing
    • Improving my reactions (partly to do with match up knowledge, but also to do with knowing your characters moves so you're not sitting there thinking, "What move would be good here, oh yeah! Oh too late... " :()
    • Footsies
    • Knowing which normals to use and when
    • Elementary match up knowledge, for example knowing how to block against ultras and knowing when it's safe to launch your counter-offence against them. Embarrassing to say, but I've been caught a few times against unknown ultras, like forgetting that E. Ryu will do 3 shoryu's, not 2! Not having a frigging idea about Abel's U2 properties.
    After that, I think it's pretty much just knowing and learning the match ups and that takes time... But that's another journey in itself!

    From what you're saying, you're having problems with execution and I'm afraid that is something that can only be fixed with practice, patience and time. Know that it will not be fixed in one training session. You're going to have to put in regular, consistent practice to improve. And one day you might think you've cracked it, only to come back to it the next day and find you can't do it anymore. But don't worry, after a while you will get it more consistently and then you'll be looking back and thinking, "How could I not do that before?"

    And remember, baby steps! You have to break things down. It's been mentioned before (maybe not in this thread specifically), and it'll be mentioned countless times more, but break it down. If you can't do say, jab, jab, fireball, work on getting the 2 combo jab on its own; work on getting the fireball motion down; then try putting one jab together with the fireball. Then when you can do that, try it altogether!

    I remember when I first picked up this game, one of the first things I wanted to do was learn how to FADC ultra! :D I'm proud to say I can now do this, but it took time and I had to break it down into bits. Though it took a while longer before I even managed to pull it off in a match.

    One of the most important things I have learned about this game is timing. Timing is very important. I'm referring to the timing with regards to execution. When I first started, I thought I had to do everything really, really fast to get it to work and I wondered why I couldn't get combos to work or why my move wouldn't come out after block strings (you're in block stun dummy!). Don't mash, don't do it too fast and not too slow. There's a rhythm, learn it. And don't expect it to be the same from character to character or even the same between light punch and medium punch. There's a timing and you have to get the feel for it.

    Hope that helps. Sorry for the long-winded sermon!
    (Talking about Daigo) "i dont see how someone who is good at SF gets to be a celebrity because i bet theres plenty of people that would beat him that dont go to tournaments, and is he good at the megadrive version or the newer releases for ps3 and 360" - Comment by SpoilerAlert, Kotaku
    23 Aug 2011 3:32 AM
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