Fuzzy Guard?

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Whenever I hear this on UMVC3 or SSF4 streams I get lost instantly. Is there an explanation why they call it "fuzzy"?


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    In SF4 it's a glitch.

    If you block something high and instantly crouch afterwards, your hurtbox will still be like it was as you were standing for a few frames.. meh this is hard to explain.
    Let me draw fancy stickman picture



    On the left side, you see how it's normally: You stand, you have a standing hurtbox; You crouch, you have a crouching hurtbox.
    On the right side, you see the so called "fuzzy guard": A few frames after blocking/getting hit by something while standing, your hurtbox stays as the standing one, even if you're crouching.

    What does this matter for?

    Instant overheads.

    Normally, if I stand right in front of you, and do like, a jump forward MP with Juri, there are two possible cases:
    1) You're standblocking: NP, it's a "jumpin" so you have to block high: Blocked!
    2) You're crouchbloching: NP, your hurtbox is too low! It will fly right over your head and just whiff.

    However, a fuzzy guard break (that's the full term, which nobody uses for some reason), abuses the abovementioned mechanic:
    - I do a jumpin attack which you block, then I instantly hold upforward and press MP
    Now, normally after a jumpin you expect your opponent to do a low, so you're gonna press down to block my c.LK or whatever
    However, instead I'm jumping. You have to block jumpins high!
    In the case above it's useless because I will fly right over your head, but since your hurtbox is currently the same as if you were standing,
    the j.MP connects. And since you're blocking low, it hits. And allows me to cancel into Divekick and combo you for ONE BILLION DAMAGE.

    P.S. This also works with meaty jump attacks on a characters wakeup, because a char always has to stand up for 1f after being knocked down or something dumb. You frequently see this used by Chuns and Adons mostly, who do a neutraljump/jumpforward whatever on the opponents wakeup and it connects even though it should've either whiffed or gotten blocked (commentators will usually shout "INNSTANT OUVARRHETT!!")

    In 3D fighters (most notably used in SC I think?) it's something else, don't ask me what. No idea about UMvC3 either, but I'd assume it's the same thing as here.

    E: Also it's called this way because, unlike what you'd expect (the crouchblock avoiding all options other than throw), it's an "incomplete" guard .. the game can't decide whether it wants you to crouch or stand, it's confused and kinda does both .. something along these lines :p
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    My mind is blown. Thank you for the explanation and the stick men were very helpful *not a sarcasm*.
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    This may be the best description of fuzzy guard I've ever seen. Nicely done.
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    The diagram definitely helps digest the concept a lot quicker for a lot of people. Love it.
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    And allows me to cancel into Divekick and combo you for ONE BILLION DAMAGE.

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    would you liken this to frame traps? As in you are just tricking the opponent to block the wrong way.
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