Fuzzy Guard?

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Whenever I hear this on UMVC3 or SSF4 streams I get lost instantly. Is there an explanation why they call it "fuzzy"?


  • Rowdy_MuffinRowdy_Muffin Don't Cry. Cry. Cry. Try. Try. Try. Joined: Posts: 6
    My mind is blown. Thank you for the explanation and the stick men were very helpful *not a sarcasm*.
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    This may be the best description of fuzzy guard I've ever seen. Nicely done.
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    The diagram definitely helps digest the concept a lot quicker for a lot of people. Love it.
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    And allows me to cancel into Divekick and combo you for ONE BILLION DAMAGE.

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    would you liken this to frame traps? As in you are just tricking the opponent to block the wrong way.
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