Better execution while sitting on the floor?

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I've been noticing that for some reason I can't seem to improve my execution while using the stick on my lap, so I tried sitting on the floor like some pros do at tournaments, while at the same time changing the grip on the lever (from Old Daigo style, lever between pinky and ring finger, to using the hand normally, using the palm. Daigo seems to have reverted to this technique during the 25th Anniversary finals). The result was astounding: I can suddenly pull my double quarter circles easily on both directions, something that was hard and inconsistent while on the lap, although it's a different story to what it does to my back without a back support.

Could there be some relation in the arm position and the execution improvement?
Any other tips and techniques on improving execution on fast motions and especially while sitting with the stick on the lap in a chair?
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  • GordonsBeardGordonsBeard QCF+P Bad Stoned Joined: Posts: 380
    I find that standing up to play (like the old arcade machines) helps me a lot, I got a little keyboard stand and I put my fightstick up on it, then tilt my monitor up a bit to face me. This really is just going to come down to "whatever is comfortable" however.
  • bkfst_sausagebkfst_sausage ST / SRK2k3 OG Joined: Posts: 2,802
    I find any way other than on my lap to be useful. Why? When I jerk the stick in various directions, the stick moves because it's not on a solid surface. When on the floor, I go Yipes style... Hold the stick with my left foot between my foot and ass, left hand on the outside of my leg on the stick and right hand on the buttons. Shit's godlike.
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    I try to move the stick as less as possible and focus just on the motions. I think I can do most motions ok without moving the stick. I even play on a tablecloth and everything on the table, laptop included, doesnt fall off. this is progress.
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