Bison's bag of tricks

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Been messing around alot and i've figured out some pretty cool tricks.
Here's 1. This works in both ST and HDR , on big and on small characters, though i'm unsure wether that inverted lk hits smaller chars. I tried it alot and i just managed to get the 4 hit version of it.

I got a couple of other juicy ones coming up.


  • DANZANDANZAN Allow you to LIVE. Joined: Posts: 6,693
    In this one i'm showing the different air super combo juggles.
    First one is easy peasy newb biz , second one is delayed slightly so the super hits 3 times instead of 2 (timing could be a bit hard) , and the last one is my own personal favorite. Juggle from the corner and hit the opponent from the very middle of the stage. Works in both ST and HDR ofcourse.

  • DANZANDANZAN Allow you to LIVE. Joined: Posts: 6,693
    This one is just hard and not easy to do. Pretty useless aswell since even if you would go for a followup which connects, a simple roundhouse would dizzy.
    Still really really neat though. Works in ST and HDR. Not tested on smaller chars. (pretty sure it wouldn't work tho)

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    Nice !!!
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    hmmmm, your super juggles are weird, I always do 1 mp, then double mp, then super, and that is what i always see, I have never seen your way
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    Im to high to get my charge in
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    Exposed D with another hit! I like when they throw tech and you can walk under and do instant overhead mk.
    "Sweep The Leg"
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