Do Fighting Games need such complex controls?

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I had looked up some moves for Blanka in the wiki but after looking at it for awhile I realized a lot of thought had been put into those moves. I might be overthinking it but even if I don't agree with certain characters movesets but the controls in Street Fighter II were done with care and you can learn with practice. The basic stuff is not difficult to understand but the advanced maneuvers, special moves and combinations tend to get lost on some players. Smash may or may not be a fighting game but nearly every character has almost the same controls and you don't have to worry about messing up the inputs for combos (except if you are Marth or Roy). Also, I noticed that in the World Warrior, Turbo and Champ editions you don't really have a super bar to worry about combos since it was mostly a glitch before it became a game mechanic. I think I should play less Capcom Fighters but I notice that in some fighters they usually have complex control scheme where you have to memorize a characters moves, techs, specials, etc.

My question is do fighting games need all those moves and controls?


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