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I'm trying to get into fighters, and am wondering which ones allow for the best online experience. Does anyone have some input?


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    3S:OE has pretty solid online play, and I've heard a lot of good things about Tekken Tag 2's online as well.
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    Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. It's got great netcode, and a gameplay system that wouldn't even be that sensitive to lag if it somehow struck.
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    MvCO has the best netcode, free. After that I'd have to give to Skullgirls, 3SO, Virtua Fighter 5, and MvC2. 3SO's getting a patch next year that'll have it on par with MvCO, and Darkstalkers Resurrection will follow suit.
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    Skullgirls (Post Patch). It uses GGPO. Anything with GGPO is probably good. 3rd strike online is a less awesome than other titles with GGPO but I hear that will be fixed (see post above mine).

    Outside of that the new 3D fighters (SC, TTT2, VF) are good too. I haven't tried DOA so I don't know.
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    Thanks for the replies!

    All of the games mentioned seem really fun. Unfortunately, I don't have alot of money or time to invest in all of them =\ Which ones are still active online? Or, more specifically, are 3SO and MvCO still active online? Keep in mind, I've only been playing fighting games for about two months, and I'm pretty bad.
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    3S, you can usually find a match within 30 seconds, MvCO, not so much. Sorry if anyone plays it, it's just what I've heard.
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    3S's matchmaking is better.
    MvCO's netcode is better.
    But I think that's because nobody plays MvCO...
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    Found this thread, I should've searched harder earlier.
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    your thread was made first anyway.

    3S and VF5 were on sale last week for $10 each if you're on psn. might end tomorrow though. even though those are two of my favourite games (along with guilty gear, which has no place in this particular thread), there's no guarantee you'll like a game just because of the netcode. people usually find a fighting game they like, and play that regardless of netcode. or they start with SF4, then seek out alternatives when they realize it's awful. a lot of new people don't even like ggpo netcode, mainly because of misunderstandings about how it works. if you're interested in getting only one game and you have no bias toward which one that will be, you should probably weigh more than just the netcode factor. good luck otherwise.
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    Your options really can't get any better than this one.
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    Well I have SSF4, and I really don't like the art-style. KOFXIII looks awesome, but I've read it has terrible online play, so I was hesitant to get it.
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    Well I have SSF4, and I really don't like the art-style. KOFXIII looks awesome, but I've read it has terrible online play, so I was hesitant to get it.

    You heard right, it's basically unplayable online.
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    Tekken Tag 2 the online is so smooth.
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    VF5FS, best netcode i've played for a 3D FG.

    SFxT, very good now.
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    I'd vote for VF5FS
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    "Best Online Experience" is kind of vague.
    SkullGirls has the best netcode, but your "online experience" might get hurt by lack of players.
    SF4AE has a comparably shit netcode, but you'll always find opponents at any time of any day.
    Which of the two is more relevant?

    Also why is a month old thread suddenly bumped.
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    'cause I couldn't see the dates on my phone :/ lol
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