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Struggling with a modded Fightstick.

FeralJimFeralJim Joined: Posts: 2
Hi guys,

I just picked up Arcade Edition and I'm having a blast trying out all the characters. At the moment I'm looking to main Oni, with some Blanka and Fei Long on the side.

The Fightstick I picked up is a MadCatz Tournament Edition, but it's been modified. What his done is added another JLF spring (to increase resistance) to the stick and then added some masking tape around the shaft (to reduce size of the gate).

There is enough tape there to make it really easy to hit the switches, and it's using an Octagonal gate.

I had to do a bit of researching, but I think I got all the terminology right!

Anyways, I'm having enormous trouble successfuly executing the QCF motion. I always seem to miss Down-Forward, and can't put out a Hadouken with any regularity at all (1/4 works).

I'm not really sure whether it's because I'm new to using a Stick (and fighting games in general), the modifications his made, or because I just completely suck at the motions myself.

I read that this was a pretty common (and store recommended) mod to the Stick when it was released, has anyone else done something similar and knows what I'm talking about?

Is it me or the Stick? :)

Edit: I'm not really comfortable or experienced enough to easily un-mod the Stick, which is why I've made this post. I'm trying to work out whether the problem is me or not, I'm actually hoping the mods are great, make the stick better, and it's just a L2P issue.


  • Trouble BrewingTrouble Brewing Super Coffee Fighter V Joined: Posts: 5,174 mod
    1) It could be the stick. I would undo the mod if possible. Stock square gate is much better than Frankenstein'ing a stick like that.

    2) It could be you. Read this link and follow the advice:
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  • XthAtGAm3RGuYXXthAtGAm3RGuYX SRK's ResidentSleeper Joined: Posts: 12,065
    According to OP if it is incredibly easy to hit the switches, what would normally be acceptable input execution is now considered sloppy execution by you arcade stick. I'd try undoing those mods and testing it out then. Though I like square gates personally so I'm not sure what kind of effect the octagonal could be having
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  • SleazoidSleazoid Joined: Posts: 4,744
    If you are seriously missing down-forward with a stick that is modified for a shorter engage/smaller deadzone, it's probably not the stick's fault that you are missing it.
    I'm not really sure whether it's because I'm new to using a Stick (and fighting games in general)

    or because I just completely suck at the motions myself.

    it's more likely one of these
  • FeralJimFeralJim Joined: Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies fellas.

    @ GamerGuy, I think you could be right about the inputs. If the switches are easier to hit... (I'd say the gate is about half the normal size). That sensitivity then makes it easier to accidentally add in extra inputs.

    For example, I notice when I try and do QCF I sometimes get something like this: down, down-back, forward, down, down-forward, forward. If I'm unlucky there will be a jump at the end too.

    Still, wouldn't my Hadouken work in the above input? I thought the game picked correct inputs out of the jumble, ad long as you made them in the right order and in time.

    In training mode my Hadoukens always seem to have 5-6 directions in them, *often* missing either the down-forward or the down, making them to whiff. Is this normal? What do you guys see when you Fireball?

    Another one I seem to see a lot: back, down-back, down-forward, forward.

    From your replies, it looks like I'm going to have to un-mod it, I'm just not sure why. The mods should actually be making the stick easier to use, right? Doesn't make sense that its harder.

    If I return it to stock and want to main Oni, would you recommend I go Square or stick with the Octagon?

    @ Brewing, that guide is seriously amazing. I'm learning so much from it, just from sitting here having a read at work. I get plenty of time to read but unfortunately have very limited playtime...

    @ Sleazoid, I put in a couple hours last night and was able to make about 1/2 Hadoukens in training mode, but still can't do them under pressure at all. I've definitely seen an improvement though.

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  • KomatikKomatik Card demon Joined: Posts: 2,669
    Another thing that might happen is that you're just pressing the punch button way too early. It's a very common newbie mistake because they feel the need to hurry up - I did just that and wondered why stuff was so damn hard. Then I tried consciously pressing the button later. Made all the difference. If that doesn't work, try undoing the mod as recommended above.
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  • GordonsBeardGordonsBeard QCF+P Bad Stoned Joined: Posts: 380
    You completely suck at the motions.
    I don't mean to be mean but this is probably the case. It's amazing how simple something like a :qcf: becomes messed up when trying to do them within the heat of battle. Just keep your cool and keep plugging away at training mode until you find that the face you couldn't do a QCF is a distant funny memory. Don't beat yourself up, nothing in your life has trained you for executing moves under pressure on an arcade stick - it's a new skill you're learning.
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