KOF XIII - Are you using D-pad or analog stick?

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For PS3, i would like to known which one you use to play KOF XIII?


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    You'll probably get better results by asking in the KOF13 sub-section:


    Personally, I have no idea how people use analog stick to play fighting games. It's a lot easier on d-pad. Seeing as how d-pads are pretty shitty for both console systems, that's saying a lot.
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    I use a D-pad.
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    The analog stick would be okay if there were a square gate that could be snapped in to restrict movement. As it is, there's just too much throw.
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    I just got KoFXIII last week. Unlike SF, where i use a stick, i've been playing KoF with a pad.

    I've been playing KoF games since '94 (and even earlier with Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting). Back then, they usually weren't in the arcade (like Street Fighter or other Cap games)... so, i actually got use to the KoF games on a pad... NeoGeo for the first couple... then PS1... then Dreamcast for it's version of '99 which was really '98... then PS2 for everything else... so, making the transition to XIII with a PS3 pad was pretty easy.

    Honestly, KoFXI was the last one i got into, and so far KoFXIII is a LOT more forgiving, and not (seemingly) as intricate (no mid-battle swapping/less moves per-character/not as many characters to memorize)... anyone else feel that way?
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