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FADC Forward

delusional11delusional11 Dat Cycle CrusherJoined: Posts: 551
Something that's puzzled me while playing online is level 2 FADC forward on block.

I'm not sure how dated this data is, but this is what I've been using.

For example, if Bison does a level 2 FADC forward, he's supposed to be +5 on block. So, there should easily be enough time to safely hit a 3 frame short or 4 frame jab.

Thing is, online I get dp'ed or thrown afterwards a lot more than I would expect. Is this just an online thing? A level 2 FA is after the white flash isn't it?
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  • doubleohdoubleoh Joined: Posts: 261
    Just an online thing or you're messing up the execution. Probably just an online thing.
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