What do you keep in mind while playing?

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I thought it was interesting how Combofiend said that his philosophy while playing was that he was picking away at a hurricane of randomness, it was in that stream of his comeback vs Dios X the post fight interview with James Chen.

Just wanna ask, what do YOU keep in your head while you play?

Oh yeah and if you want to post, also include what you accomplished with UMVC3 (tournaments and how far placed/ratio of wins online or rank or something) even if you're just working on it.


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    I always keep patience in mind.
    Going complete autopilot can give you tunnel vision and make you forget all the tools at your disposal.
    I go to locals and usually come in first or second. Depends on if I'm bullshitting/trolling.
    I stopped playing online, but before I did i was a Cosmic Lord or something.
    3000+ wins and 700-1000 loses.
    I do believe tat I r teh King.
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    " Don't jump unless you absolutely need to." I get anti-air'ed alot.
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    "for the love of god you're playing zero buster all of SUPAH ARMOH and fucking kill them"
    Then I die in one combo by Hulk.
    I mostly think of being annoying as possible by evading all of the players shit and to always hit low, nobody blocks low for some reason.
    Also 4th lord with like 800w:700l
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    I usually think along the lines of: "I give up"
    That was a joke. Haha.
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    If I have unfly
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    We Are Based
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    The most common thing going through my mind when I play online is "FUCKING HELMBREAKER!"
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    Why I keep falling for the same resets/mixups that I used to/still do to people all the time.

    (I lost to a Nova player at Winter Brawl last year who used a lot of the same high/low assist shenanigans I used to when I played Nova for awhile after UMvC3 came out)
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    get the first hit dont fuck up! get the first hit dont fuck up!

    *gets grabbed*...FUCK!!!
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    " Don't get mad. Don't get mad. Don't get mad..."

    It doesn't work.

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    When I'm losing, like I was earlier, I just keep telling myself that it's not my fault, it's the game's booty netcode making me lose. That, plus I don't have a specific "main" team.

    I'm a 3rd lord, who probably shouldn't be one since I pretty much had to relearn the game after switching to stick.
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    Mainly Marvel. I'm trying to learn some SF too.
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    "How long till my buster is charged?"
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    If they have Team Trenchcoats or even a single member.

    "Wait for the Teleport helmbreaker...Wait for it...Wait for it...Wait for it..."
    *Get's hit*
    Logan / Spencer / Gouki

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    "Ok I can easily see that Wesker is gonna throw me after the gunshot, just get ready to hit H"
    "Instantly start mashing on H, making my H move come out"
    Then I get grabbed and then I do the same thing 3 games in a row.
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    just don't get hit. ToDs everywhere.
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    win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win
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    win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win

    I'm pretty sure that's what PR Rog had in his mind when he was HAMing down Chris G at SCR. Fuck da flood I'm gettin in.
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    The frogurt is also cursed.
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    "fuck I hope I dont end up needing to use Iron Man"
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    Oh they play...

    "...Mag/Wolvie on point?" - To jump or not to jump...
    "...Zero may cry team?" - Will I get to play this round...
    "...Hulk AND it's online?" - Haggar/Nemesis/or Sent...
    "...Task/Nova/Mags/Viper" - Don't jump...Ever...
    "...Ammy?" - Guess my j.H/assists are useless...
    "...Oniline?" - POWER OFF
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    This is something i am always practicing across all fighting games. I have decided that the best things to think about during a match are a)what my opponent is doing right now b) what will my opponent be doing in the future c) what am i going to do to put myself in an advantagous situation based on what my opponent is doing d) the tools at my disposal and what can i do to use them to win.
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    That its Marvel, and shits gonna be dumb, can't avoid hitting the fan sometimes.

    Just gotta play through and keep saltines at a minimum

    Its mahvel baybee.
    I'm just Fraudlike
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    Do cool combos , don't drop combos,do everything I practiced ....lol it all works out
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    "This guy is ass. If I lose it's because I'm bad and not because he's good."
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    "I need to get back in the lab"
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    Sounds silly but sometimes I have to remind myself that my mixups should actually be mixups. Otherwise I'll tend to go with the more powerful option all the time and then wonder why my opponent so easily adapted to it.
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    I'm an aggressive player, so I just remind myself to seriously go ham in their face, and when the pressure is neutral, to just keep it safe. Nothing is worse in the true neutral (not a combo and no pressure advantage) than pressing something that leaves you wide open. It's like random Tastu'ing in Street Fighter - it just doesn't make sense.

    When I play Strange/Haggar/Arthur, the only thing I think about is getting you to attack me so Haggar can spin in your face. Simple enough.

    4th Lord online but I play at a much higher level, taking it to tournaments this winter.
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    Well I guess I would say is that to find a way to get in and do what your team is made to do; like, open them up. In the situation where you're about to kill a character (chip damage worthy) that you need to not whiff anything or get happy birthday'd when calling assists to do so.

    If I find myself panicking trying to kill the last character then I instantly think to myself to calm the hell down and clear my mind then evaluate the situation and then start calculating/find a window to attack and finish the job. If i'm winning and there's 10 seconds left then i'm happy to keep away until time runs out.
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    "Don't press buttons, during any one of these 99 marvel seconds, I know hes going to try to random me out"

    Thats basically it. Unless i'm fighting Magneto+Missiles or Drones ( and i'm on the ground ), I know my defense, reactions, and reads are good enough to block just about anything else if i'm fully focused. If I just play my zoning game and don't try to press my advantage - as in, if keeping them out is working, then I need to stick with what i'm doing -, don't commit to anything that my opponent will try to "high variance" me out for, then i'll win comfortably. Only go ham if I know 100% that i'm going to get covered by assists. Just need to fish for opportunities and sense my opponents impatience.
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    How much hyper meter do I have? How much do they have? Is my assist able to be called right now? When I jump where are they below me? Is the character I'm fighting against the "problem" on their team and if not, is it worth it to snap the problem in? Should I blow xf to get rid of someone or save it becuz I know they're dark anchor can easily run it back. And most of all "why the fuck didn't I just blow every resource to kill instead of letting one pixel health xf3 Vergil/strider/dorm/etc come back to wreck my whole team in a matter of seconds?!!!"
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    Online, win or lose: MAN THIS GUY IS FUCKING AWFUL CAN'T BELIEVE etc. etc.
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    during a match i keep saying " its just online "
    I love Jill <3
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    "This shit won't pay my mortgage."
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    This game is all about conversions and what you make of each situation and the events both before and after. If you fuck up a combo, you're going to eat shit for a bit (maybe even lose the game) or you may be able to convert that fucked situation into something valuable. Dirty combos are still damaging and may sometimes (major stresser on sometimes) work in your favor. At the end of the day, don't get too salty.. Remember IT'S MAHVEL BABY!!
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    Most of the time im thinking about how the person im playing is just constantly spamming low lights and jumping H over and over and over and over again because obviously, that's just how you play the game right?
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    orionface wrote: »
    Most of the time im thinking about how the person im playing is just constantly spamming low lights and jumping H over and over and over and over again because obviously, that's just how you play the game right?

    Nope, but then again I play MODOK.

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    TRUEB7UE wrote: »
    If you fuck up a combo, you're going to eat shit for a bit (maybe even lose the game)

    Not if you're playing Nova or Doom.
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    Pretty much this whole video.

    And it's just a game.

    And that Vergil's cheap.
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