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i have a noob question about teching throws in ssf4ae.
in this particular case if i do yun's dive kick at the head of an opponent (say ryu), and it is blocked leaving me in a -6 frame advantage (or disadvantage in this case), and right afterwards ryu goes for a throw on the first frame possible, can i still tech the throw? even though i cannot tech the throw within the -6 frames state after the kick, but don't all throws have a ten frame window if stand teching and seven for crouch etching? wouldn't this leave me with 4 frames to tech if standing?


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    1. You cannot tech any throws while in recovery.
    2. The tech window depends on the throw I'm pretty sure. Some throws like Gouken's back throw have a large tech window (8f if I remember correctly) but most throws do not have a tech window that large.
    3. Yun's divekick is -3/-4 at worst (if I'm reading the frame data correctly) and it's much safer if you hit it deeper.
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    thank you density, but i am now more confused...
    on the srk wiki page it states
    "You can actually hold any direction on the joystick to Tech a Throw, once your character begins to get thrown. After a throw connects, the thrown animation plays for 7 frames and then will check the previous 12 frames for your Tech input. As long as you were in a Tech-able state when you were thrown (as described below), and you input light punch and light kick during the correct window, you will tech the throw. Most throws have the same window during which they can be teched.

    Also, if you are Thrown out of the startup frames of your Throw, you will automatically Tech the Throw. So let's say you and your opponent try to throw each other at the exact same time. If he hits the buttons one frame before you do, his Throw will activate against one of your startup frames. So even though you didn't input the button presses for the Throw Tech during the next 7 frames, you will end up Teching the Throw anyhow. This means for most throws, you have 7 frames to Tech after you are thrown, but you have an extra 3 frames when you try to stand and Tech. "

    it seems that srk is stating that there are 10 frames to tech for a throw... is this correct??

    also, on the sub character page (yun's page), there is a chart that list that yun's dive kick at worst, is 0/-6 when connected (hit or blocked) at the highest point. may i asked how did you find out that yun's divekick is -3/-4 at worst?

    say, if it is 10 frames to tech a throw, and if i am at -6 when i get thrown, wouldnt i have another 4 frame window to tech?
    sorry i am causing a headache but i am now more and more confused.
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    If you're in the recovery of a move, you aren't allowed to tech. Otherwise you'd be able to tech getting thrown after unsafe moves.
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