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Execution question.

j0nj0n Joined: Posts: 95
Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask about doing ultras after a FADC. I play E Ryu, and I just can't do ex hadou x FADC into U2. I can maybe do it 1/30 tries. Another example is juri's release x FADC into ultra. The way I try to do the motions as fast as possible, but I was wondering if there was a more efficient way. I thought that maybe when I do the FADC I could do forward and then down forward to do the dash. That way I only need to do one more down forward to get ultra, but it ain't happening. Is there a better way to do this? Or just gotta grind it out?



  • dance robotdance robot Joined: Posts: 58
    You might want to check out the Newbie Execution Guide stickied at the top of this forum. Have you looked at your inputs in training mode to make sure you're getting the two QCFs fully? What's happening instead of the Ultra coming out?
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  • petran79petran79 Here comes an old challenger Joined: Posts: 1,914
    FADC and Garou's AB cancel motions are something I cant do either. too small reaction time and lot of button and stick sensitivity involved!
    too slow!
  • fischbsfischbs stop that Joined: Posts: 1,176
    Grinding it out is always the answer.
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  • K.O.wnedK.O.wned Joined: Posts: 50
    Have you tried finishing the motion with a foward, press mk and mp, and tap forward again to cancel it?

    As long as you're pressing forward before the FA, you only need one tap to cancel it. I think it's easier like this.
  • j0nj0n Joined: Posts: 95
    Dance robot: I'm not sure if I'm doing it too slow or too fast. Sometimes I get the ultra, but it doesn't combo so it's probably late. I also get times where the ultra doesn't come out. Thanks for the redirect. I completely missed that thread because I was out when I posted and posting on my phone.

    Petran79: I use pad, but I understand what you mean. Anytime I'm required to do a quick qcf x 2 on a stick it just doesn't work. Let alone dashing to the left side.

    K.O.wned: I usually do the df + 2 punches for the fireball, then press mp + mk together, then dash. I think I have tried the way you were talking about. Ex fireball, forward mp + mk, then another forward into ultra. I also tried just doing df after the forward mp + mk to get the ultra right away, but hasn't been working.

    Thanks for the response guys!
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