KOF 13 questions

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Hey guys, just wanted to ask a few questions. See if I can get some answers to help me out a bit.

1. Are there any good tutorials regarding fight stick usage? I want to buy a fight stick solely to play KOF 13 on, and I have tried fight sticks before, and I can't seen to really get a good, solid feel for them. Does my time more on a controller make me more comfortable to it? Is moving to a fight stick from a controller a big change, or is it easily manageable?

2. I want to get a bit more competitive, so I was considering playing online more often, but a lot of people on this forum say that playing online is pointless? How come? Playing locally is more of a challenge, considering the fighting game fanatics here are more SF4 and MvC3 heads than anything else. So I thought online could help me brush up on my skills.

3. Advanced combos. Any tips for them? I guess the general answer would be "just practice", but I mean what do you guys do to take full advantage of your meter usage and perform advanced combos? I am watching a few matches online featuring Bala, since I love how he plays and he plays Takuma expertly(Takuma being my favorite character), and I am just amazed at how flawlessly he can execute Takuma's combos. When I try... well... I suck. xD. But yeah. Any tips?



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