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You pretty much know the deal by now. Before asking any questions, check out the FAQ if you can!

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Hey, where do you guys download your anime?

Tokyotosho is a good place to start with. It has a really simple search engine and covers almost all of the torrent releases when it comes to both anime and manga, be it subtitled or without.

You may want to get a Bittorrent client such as Utorrent to download any of the files there.

I got no time to download! I wanna watch my anime NOW!

No problem, sir. You've got streaming sites such as or that could help you out on that.

How about manga?

You've got separate sites for this too. You can try any of the following:

OneManga Reccomended
Haven Reader
Batoto Reccomended

to satisfy your urge for reading manga.

You've told me where to get the anime and manga, but what shows should I watch or read?!

This all depends on the genre you're interested in. Obviously, a lot of shows tend to combine a number of them, but in general, these shows are usually enjoyed by the anime populace, so do give them a try.

This list will probably not cover everything, but mostly the major (and some minor ones). If there's anything major missing, do tell.

Many of these shows and manga are already licensed outside of Japan, so if you want to support them, buy their DVDs or books from you local or online retailer whenever you have the chance!

Some series may have a few other genres it can be defined into; and for these, you'll find 'em in brackets close to the title.

Disclaimer: Before checking the lists as a reference, read this post first.

- [URL=' (animated film)']Akira (movie) (sci-fi)[/URL]
- Baccano!
- [URL=' (manga)']Berserk[/URL]
- [URL=' Lagoon']Black Lagoon [/URL]
- [URL=' of the Immortal']Blade of the Immortal[/URL]
- [URL=' (manga)']Bleach [/URL]
- [URL=' The Last Vampire']Blood: The Last Vampire (movie) (horror)[/URL]
- [URL=' Renkin']Busou Renkin[/URL]
- [URL=' SINS']Casshern SINS (sci-fi)[/URL]
- [URL=' (manga)']Claymore[/URL]
- [URL=' Bebop']Cowboy Bebop[/URL]
- D.Grayman
- [URL=' Z']Dragonball Z [/URL]
- [URL=' Metal Alchemist']Full Metal Alchemist[/URL]
- GantZ (horror)
- Hellsing (horror)
- [URL=' no Ken']Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star[/URL]
- [URL=' x Hunter']Hunter x Hunter[/URL]
- Inuyasha
- [URL=' Bizarre Adventure']Jojo-s Bizarre Adventure [/URL]
- [URL=' no Kyoukai']Kara no Kyoukai (movies) [/URL]
- Katanagatari (samurai drama or referred to as "chanbara")
- Kekkaishi
- Kurozuka
- [URL=' III']Lupin III [/URL]
- Naruto
- [URL='! Master Negi Magi']Negima! Master Negi Magi (comedy, fantasy adventure)[/URL]
- [URL=' Scroll']Ninja Scroll (movie)[/URL]
- [URL=' Piece']One Piece [/URL]
- One Punch Man
- Reborn!
- [URL=' Kenshin']Rurouni Kenshin (chanbara)[/URL]
- [URL=' Champloo']Samurai Champloo (chanbara)[/URL]
- [URL=' (manga)']Shamo [/URL]
- Shigurui (chanbara)
- [URL=' of the Stranger']Sword of the Stranger (movie) (chanbara)[/URL]
- Trigun
- [URL=' (manga)']Vagabond (chanbara)[/URL]
- Xam'd: Lost Memories (sci-fi)
- [URL=' Hakusho']Yuyu Hakusho [/URL]

Fantasy Adventure
- El-Hazard
- The Twelve Kingdoms
- Kiki's Delivery Service (movie)
- Laputa: Castle in the Sky (movie)
- [URL=' The Secret of Blue Water']Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water[/URL]
- Naucissa of the Valley of the Wind
- Record of Lodoss War
- [URL=' Mononoke']Princess Mononoke (movie) [/URL]
- [URL=' no Moribito']Seirei no Moribito[/URL]
- [URL=' (anime)']Slayers (series) (comedy)[/URL]
- [URL=' Away']Spirited Away (movie)[/URL]
- [URL=' Wars']Summer Wars (movie)[/URL]
- [URL=' Bachi']Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee[/URL]
- Toriko (action)
- [URL=' of Escaflowne']Vision of Escaflowne[/URL]

Comedy - Romance
- Kannagi
- [URL=' Orange Road']Kimagure Orange Road[/URL]
- [URL=' Hina']Love Hina [/URL]
- [URL=' Complex']Lovely Complex[/URL]
- [URL=' Boy']Marmalade Boy [/URL]
- [URL=' no Hibi']Midori no Hibi [/URL]
- [URL=' Cantabile']Nodame Cantabile[/URL]
- [URL=' 1/2']Ranma 1/2 [/URL]
- [URL=' High School Host Club']Ouran High School Host Club [/URL]
- [URL=' Beat']Skip Beat[/URL]
- [URL=' World God Only Knows']The World God Only Knows[/URL]
- [URL=' Yatsura']Urusei Yatsura[/URL]
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