New Year's Resolutions/ Learning New Games

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I started playing fightings games with SF4 (played other games here and there) but my progress hasn't been all that great since I started. I kind of took a break from the genre for a little while. For this year I want to start from scratch mentally and actually put in work to get good at a game.

I'm considering picking a new game or should I just stick to improving in the games I'm currently playing (SSF4 and Marvel.)


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    Experience is partly-key when it comes to mastering an art, such as video games :)
    I'd recommend acquiring a generally well-rounded understanding of a few of your favorite titles,
    then pick the one that appeals most to you out of them all, and try to master it.

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    My NYR: Get good with Magneto so I can run team Row
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    I've been contemplating if I should continue to FG enthusiast and try every fighter that comes out becuase I go in with wrong expecatation. I already know what my prefer games are and majority of the FG that are presented this age don't match them. Not to say those game are bad but I normally dont play them for very long if they have desighns i dont appreciate.
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    getting a new game will only make things worse.. all you have to do is keep up the effort and keep on fighting and keep on striving for wins.. experience is the damn key.. don't get a new game.. stick with what you have.. and master it

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