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Hey SRK. I recently (about 4 months ago) started picking up fighting games seriously (I'd played casually before) and I wanted to get into the tournament scene. I am still pretty clearly a scrub and have a lot of problems with my play, so should I stray away from tourneys for now until I have more experience under my belt? Do any of you have any stories of your first tournament experience? Should you start with smaller events and work your way up?

tl;dr- Just trying to figure out the next step in trying to pick up these games seriously. What are your thoughts on trying to take something like this on even if you are fairly certain that it won't end pretty?


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    Just show up.

    Even if you don't feel up to entering the tournament.........there should be plenty of casuals for you to meet up with other players.
    Most likely they will be willing to help those who are willing to they want to see their scene grow.

    One of many threads you should check out.

    Also, have good hygiene...............please!
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    Geese is right, just show up. It'd be better to throw down the entrance fee and just see how you fair though. Watch the other games, especially around semis. Try to soak in some of what the guys are doing that you aren't or just didn't do. Try to figure out why you lost (if that ends up being the case) My first tournament I went 1 W - 2 L. You gotta start somewhere.

    My only real advice would be to not get discouraged no matter the outcome. Try to see it as a learning experience and take that away as something you can practice.
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    I went to my first tourney when I was still learning quarter-circles. I'm a UMVC3 player, so I got handled pretty badly, but I kept going to tournaments still. They have that certain "feeling" about them to where you feel like you're able to perform better than anyone else there. Now I can top 8 locals and near-top (T_T) regionals. I got a friend who'd never touched a fighting game before to go with me... now we have plans for EVO this year, and he's improved to advanced level in 1 month just by going to weeklies and a few out-of-towners here.

    You should definitely just go. You'll like how it feels there, even though nerves will race the first time, and you'll learn quite a bit from the other players.
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    Just commit to going. Even if you go an get flattened you will still have an enjoyable time with all the people there. I went to my first one knowing that I hadn't played AE in over 2 weeks. I went because it was the biggest tourney I had heard of in my area and I didn't wanna miss out. I managed to win my first game on some arab kid, Juri v Dudley. Then lost the next one Juri v Honda. Then got kicked out the losers bracket Juri v Sagat. But I find comfort in the fact that I wouldn't have made it far anyway, because Viscant and Justin Wong were in my pool.

    If you think nerves will be a problem, try to play online in a big name stream lobby. Like Peaceful Jay's stream or something. It helps you get used to the mindset that hundreds if not thousands of people are watching everything you do and judging your skill as a result.
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    Just go doesn't matter if its a tournament or a major its still experience for yourself. Don't set the bar high and think that you need to get better before going in. Having a mindset like that keeps you from attending in the first place. One big thing that tournaments taught me was back when PS3 was still for the most part the standard i still played on a 360 pad this pretty much gave me a reason to learn stick. I've met players around my skill level or people that were above my level and for the most part they explained what i did wrong or if i caught something I would give them my advice. Major and tournaments to me are pretty much a place with the most knowledge nearby take the info you learn add it to your game.
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    Steps to being a tournament player:

    1. Show up to a tournament.
    2. Play

    Honestly, my first tournament was last year's Evo, before which I hadn't really had the opportunity to attend anything due to other obligations. Flew in from Japan, cost quite a pretty penny. Entered KOF XIII, destroyed a shirt monster, lost to a very good K' player from Kansas City I believe, and then beat a few bad-decent players in losers before getting man-handled by a very talented Mexican player. I believe CafeId Verne was in my pool too, hahaha. Total record was 4W/2L, but I spent a lot of time playing casuals both at the tournament and at a relatively close arcade. Just go and have fun. Usually the biggest hurdle with fighting games is just finding other people to play with, a tournament is nothing but those other people.
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    Pretty much what everyone else said. I myself attend Smash Bros tournaments and even though I usually come dead last I have improved a lot more then if I had just sat at home playing againts my brother and CPU's all the time. I've even learned a couple of things from having some casual matches with the Street Fighter crowed.
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    Hit the nail right on the head. I cannot say I'm a "tournament player" but I go to any/all that are in my area. Some times I'm a pot monster, some times I just go to get hype, drunk and play casuals! Either way you slice the pie, if you WANT to learn, you will. Do not rage (even at yourself).

    Oh yeah, S-Tier tourney advice (for every game) - BE CLEAN, WEAR DEODORANT.

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    Aside from the "should I go?" question, perhaps the veterans here could cover "what do I bring when I go?", because a ton of newbies (including myself) don't know what they should bring for a tournament.
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    I'm no veteran but I say make sure you have money to buy lunch from Mcdonalds or something, hunger can be very distracting in a match.
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    Aside from the "should I go?" question, perhaps the veterans here could cover "what do I bring when I go?", because a ton of newbies (including myself) don't know what they should bring for a tournament.

    Your stick or pad and money.
    If you're travelling then clothes and the normal things you would pack for a trip, but other that just your stick or pad and money.

    If you have a setup you can bring that, It can be useful for multiple thing at a small local tournament and at major you can use it as a room setup especially since you can't hookup a console to the TVs at some hotels.

    If you have a car and are driving to the tournament then bring other people, ask if someone else from your area needs a ride.
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    just go. news flash, every one isnt a killer at tourneys. there are a lot of not so good players going. the stuff you see on screen is made it outta their pools and are decent. not saying you wont meet a killer in your first match. no one's going to remember anyways if you dont do good.
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    "what do I bring when I go?"

    Good grooming and proper hygiene
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