EVO Player's Choice - CONGRATS SSBM! (Mike Z's closing remarks on OP)

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Mike Z's closing remarks.

Final Results below

WOW:wow: We raised almost a quarter million dollars. Good Job FGC!!
I wonder if Kotaku will be writing about this...

New rules regarding MLP: Fighting is Magic.

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I'll add more links as I find them. If you know of any other nominated communities holding a discussion about this, please let me know!
Some quick hits to address points in the thread.
  • We chose the donation poll for two reasons: It's unscammable in a way that a facebook poll is not, and Evo strongly believes in giving and paying-it-forward.
  • Results are hidden (for now) because we want to get a measure of how much each community really supports their game. This is an opportunity for the communities to put their money where their mouth is. If you can't be bothered to give $5 to CHARITY in the name of your game, how much do you really support it?
  • We're unquestionably losing money by doing this. The additional cost in manpower, space, equipment, etc. far exceeds any benefit we will reap in terms of additional sponsors, new attendees, etc. The difference between a 7 and 8 game lineup just isn't significant from an attendance or sponsorship perspective. We're doing this as a thank you to the game scenes who have supported Evo through the years and because we think it's a cool idea. So...
  • I understand if you're not excited by this because your favorite game probably won't win, but please don't play the victim and pretend we're somehow ripping you off. :) This whole shenanigan is a bonus gift. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you lost.
So I encourage everyone to toss in their $5 (or more) to support their favorite game and feel good about supporting a worthy cause.
Fight For The Future!!



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