PC Sunday! SF X TK PC Sessions

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This thread is dedicated to our PC Sunday sessions and whatnot. I will continue to update and post videos from our sessions.

PC Sunday is an endless lobby session that I host every Sunday around 2:00 pm EST. I'll usually post in the General Discussion Thread when I have the lobby open, and of course I'll post here as well.

Steam group for the sessions: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/streetfighterxtekkenpcsunday (will make events for the PC Sunday sessions, if you join the group on steam you will be notified automatically when the lobby is up).

11-25-2012 Matches:

12-02-2012 Matches:

12-09-2012 Matches:

12-16-2012 Matches:

12-23-2012 Matches:

01-06-2013 Matches:

01-13-2013 Matches:

01-20-2013 Matches (Teams):

01-27-2013 Matches:

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