SRK UMvC3 version 2013 Character Poll



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    1. Fou Lu ( breath of Fire 4)
    2. Regina (dino crisis)
    3. Samanosuke (Onimusha)
    4. Vanessa ( PN03)
    5. Arisen ( dragons dogma)


    1. Nate grey
    2. MS. Marvel in her classic outfit
    3. Vision
    4. Archangel
    5. Psylocke

    The only one I see making the cut is psylocke.
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    1. Emma Frost
    2. Scarlet Witch
    3. Psylocke
    4. Songbird (With a "rocker" dlc outfit but closely resemble Jem's from "Jem and The Holograms.")
    5. Howard The Duck (needs more comical characters.)

    1. Nina (Breath Of Fire 2. Another great addition for a "Mage" type character like Dr. Strange and Dormmamu)
    2. Ryu (Breath Of Fire *any version*)
    3. Leo (Red Earth)
    4. Kyosuke Kagami
    5. Gene God Hand
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    2.Colossus with cyttorak gem
    4.Oméga red
    5.Lady Deathstrike

    1.M. Bison
    3.Oda Nobunaga
    4.Jin Saotome
    5.Megaman X
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    Hmmm.. Was just thinking- the poster on the wall on the days of future past has characters on it with apprehended or killed- think that has anything to do w/future characters?
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    1. Post Retcon Beyonder: Would probably still be pretty broken, but, eh.
    2. Mephisto: Would probably be an intersting rreturn, so long as they make a new moveset and not just baltantly make him a recolor of BlackHeart like they did before
    3. Umar: She could be a more defensive version of Dormmamu
    4. Skaar: Just for the dialouge with Hulk alone would make his inclusion worth it.
    5. Onslaught: If he was nerfed to hell and back from his original boss appearance


    1. Asura: Oh, yes. He'd have as much punching power as most big characters with a relatively high speed and defense, but lacking in a high amounts of special moves outside of base form, making up for it with lots of transformation Hypers. He'd probably have a level 5 which is an ultra cinematic hyper where if it hits, which is really hard to do outside of normal situations, if not almost impossible to use on a moving target, would be him becoming Asura the destructor and punching through a planet bigger then him and then through a convieniently cameoing Chakravartin's Galactic form's forehead. It's an instant K.O. thats practically impossible to pull off, but would be really worth it in the end especially if used as an anchor final move on a final opponent.

    2. Gene: Obviously.

    3. Soki: Has a level 3 hyper where he becomes ultimate Oni with flight and ultimate critical as a level 3 hyper this form can use only. Otherwise, plays almost the same as his TVC version

    4. Jedah Dohma

    5. Yasha (Asura's Wrath): Would make a good speed based counterpart to match asura, would utilize a higher combo output with somewhat less health and defense that makes up for it with the highest speed in the game both on ground in the air.
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    wanted to clarify that savan is the 'arisen' from dragon's dogma. that's his default name
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    Character A : Mysterio (one of my favorite Spiderman villains. A lot can be done here)

    Character B : Scarlet Witch (addresses female marvel issue and is super hot. WIN WIN)

    Character C : Apocalypse (cause HES SO FUCKIN BADASS)

    Character D :Kronos ( the amount of powers and skill he has can make for a tricky mixup character)

    Character E :Sentry (look him up, hes literally the coolest)



    Character A - Cammy (she was my MvC2 point :))

    Character B - Augus (I know Asura is the more likely option, but Augus was SOOOOOOOOO MUCH COOLER!!!)

    Character C - Natsu from Rival Schools (I can dream, can't I? I mean, hell, Phoenix Wright is in this game!)

    Character D - Batsu from Rival Schools (A more believeable choice if they decide to get a Rival School's character)

    Character E - Ibuki (I would be the best Ibuki the world has ever seen if this happened)

    ^^Such an Uninteresting list huh...
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    1. Venom/eddy brock
    2 carnage
    3 green goblin
    4 gambit
    5 red skull

    1 sigma
    2 megaman
    3 mr bison
    4 leon RE
    5 Cammy
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    Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers/formerly Ms. Marvel)
    Psylocke (X-men)
    Cyclops (X-men)
    Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    Blink (Clarice Ferguson/Leader of the first Exiles team)

    Gene the Godhand
    Lt. Linn Kurosawa
    Classic Megaman
    Breath of Fire Ryu

    I was under the impression Capcom couldn't add Linn Kurosawa due to obvious copyright issues with Aliens vs Predator, since that clearly isn't Capcoms IP.



    All from Dr. Strange's universe, except Blade:

    Baron Mordo


    Bishamon (Darkstalkers)
    Lou (Three Wonders)
    Siva (Three Wonders)
    Saki (from Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but she's from some obscure quiz game originally)
    Dr Wily (needs no introduction)
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    1. Symbiote(Carnage/Venom) - I think the presence of a symbiote, especially Carnage, would have a lot of options. Decent ranged normals, Carnage or Venom would have a projectile, relatively decent mobility, but I feel Venom would be too close to a Spider-man clone.
    2. Thanos - With the movie coming out, it only makes sense. Plus, he would fit in rather well with the current meta of the game and I think his transition form Marvel 2 to Marvel 3 would be a welcome change.
    3. Bastion - They already make a reference to him in the game, might as well go all in and put him in. Great mobility, good projectiles - all in all, he'd be of the same caliber as Magneto if not better.
    4. Psylocke - A popular Marvel 2 character who I think would also make a very nice transition into Marvel 3 considering the current meta.
    5. Gambit - Just gonna gush, Gambit is one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time. So I'd gladly see him in.

    1. Copy X - I would like to see a villain from the Megaman series to make it in. I'm assuming they chose Zero because of the events of Megaman Zero, so putting in either Sigma or Copy-X would be appropriate. This would also give Capcom a balance for most of their series used.
    2. Samunoske - A character from the Onimusha series would fit in extremely well here, with mild similarities to Dante, his playstyle would be equally damaging and less flashy. Which also leads me to...
    3. Nobunaga - A recurring villain from the Onimusha series who I think would be well adapted into Marvel. He has the potential to be a zoning character with some strong support as well.
    4. Batsu - Another warrior in the Capcom series, I think he has a lot of potential to perform really well in a Marvel setting(just look at TvC, he wasn't too bad at all).
    5. Sagat - He's the f'in' King. He'd have strong zoning tools, deal really good damage and his height gives him really good pokes. His only issue would be his air game, but giving him some type of ground bounce move in the air would make up for it.
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    I was under the impression Capcom couldn't add Linn Kurosawa due to obvious copyright issues with Aliens vs Predator, since that clearly isn't Capcoms IP.



    All from Dr. Strange's universe, except Blade:

    Baron Mordo


    Bishamon (Darkstalkers)
    Lou (Three Wonders)
    Siva (Three Wonders)
    Saki (from Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but she's from some obscure quiz game originally)
    Dr Wily (needs no introduction)

    You sir, are full of so much fucking win.

    Not just Lou, but Siva too. You are my new favorite person.
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    not to derail the thread, but would people rather have infinity gauntlet thanos or infinity gauntlet-less thanos with just his innate abilities?
    edit: well i guess no one really cares. i find it funny how silver surfer has fallen out of popular request considering how requested he was before.
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    Megaman X and sigma nothing else matters
    I block better in Marvel than i do in Streetfighter :(

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    Venom/Eddie Brock
    Shocker (Spiderman)

    Bass (Megaman Classic)
    Rush (Megaman Classic)
    Asura (Asura's Wrath)
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    CAPTAIN MARVEL (Carol Danvers, former Ms. Marvel)








    A bit of commentary about my picks:

    In general, I avoided going completely mental with my picks, forfeiting some of the ridiculous/mega obscure character I’d might have chosen if I was the only person responsible for defining the roster. Otherwise my list would include the likes of Doop, Devil Dinosaur, Kid Loki, Winter Soldier, Sagat etc.

    Marvel picks:

    ULTRON is one of my favorite villains from the Avengers comics. An unstoppable, genocidal artificial inteligence with oedipal complex is kind of a terrifying concept. Marvel’s next mega crossover event is named “Age of Ultron”, so you can probably guess that he is going to play a major role in that. Plus: his design rocks.

    THANOS is the villain Marvel is most strongly pushing right now. After his cameo at the end of Avengers, it has been announced that he will play a big part in Marvel's movies coming in the future (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers sequel), whilst in the comics front, Marvel will soon publish a new mini-series by a seriously high-profiled creative team telling Thanos origin ("Thanos Rising"). And if that was not enough, yesterday Marvel released a teaser that Thanos will probably be at the center of the next crossover event after the upcoming “Age of Ultron”.
    DAREDEVIL is a classic, charismatic, well-loved Marvel super-hero that happens to star one of the most critically acclaimed comic series from the last couple of years. Plus it will finally allow for the soon-to-be fan-favorite Team Lawyers: She-Hulk, Phoenix Wright, Daredevil

    CAPTAIN MARVEL. Carol Danvers is one of Marvel’s leading female heroes, and her profile nowadays is higher than ever before, what with her taking on the legacy of Captain Marvel, becoming an Avenger etc. And God knows this game needs more heroic gals. IMPORTANT NOTE: there is basically zero chance that Marvel will add Carol Danvers to the roster in the form of Ms. Marvel. That is the past. If she makes it, it will be as Captain Marvel. At most, Ms. Marvel’s outfit would be Captain Marvel’s alternate costume. Also, considering that they are essentially the same character – the only difference being the costumes -, all votes for Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel should be merged. It makes no sense to count the votes for each of them separately.

    BLACK PANTHER is maybe the most well-known black super-hero, and is hella cool. This game needs diversity and coolness, therefore Black Panther should be in. Plus: team Illuminati (Black Panther, Iron Man, Dr. Strange)!!!

    Capcom picks: well, these are a mix of nostalgia from the original Marvel vs. Capcom days (MEGAMAN, CAPTAIN COMMANDO, JIN SAOTOME) and fanboyism (GOUKEN is my favorite SF character; HAUZER is a giant freaking dinosaur who has already starred in fighting games).
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    1) Apocalypse
    2) Juggernaut
    3) Omega Red
    4) Cyclops
    5) Ultron


    1) Vile
    2) M. Bison (Dictator)
    3) Jin Saotome
    4) Captain Commando
    5) Sniper Joe
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    1: Psylock
    2: Sandman
    3: Rogue
    4: Daredevil
    5: Scorpion

    1: Gene
    2: Megaman X
    3: Cap. Comm
    4: Rolento
    5: Juri
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    Ms. Marvel (or as she's currently known, Captain Marvel)
    Black Panther

    Mega Man X
    Chuck Greene
    Captain Commando

    I know X is already Zero's costume, but if they were to update the game with new costumes, then they could easily give Zero a new costume. Hell, they'd have to give Magneto a new costume anyway.
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    1. Venom (Eddie Brock)
    2. Punisher (If Capcom can have Chris then Marvel can bring his equivalent)
    3. Thanos (Nuff Said)
    4. Cable
    5. Daredevil

    1. Megaman, Classic or X (Duh)
    2. Captain Commando
    3. Guile
    4. M. Bison
    5. Dr. Wily.

    Honorable Mentions:
    1. Doc Ock
    2. Black Panther
    3. Mrs. Marvel
    4. Cyclops
    5. Beast

    1. Vile
    2. Nero
    3. Seth
    4. Sigma
    5. Asura.
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    Well guys, since Capcom is doing this:
    Now is probably the best time to ask for your classic/retro favorites!
    GUN.SMOKE COWBOY FOR 2013! (Just want to run Cowboy/Frank West/"West"-ker. LET'S GOOOOOO!)
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    The Magus
    Silver Surfer
    Emma Frost 


    Gene (God Hand)
    Claw Vega/Balrog
    Dr. Wily
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    Kang the Conqueror


    Seth (SF4)
    Yun (SF)
    Megaman X
    Rufus (SF)
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    1. Rogue
    2. Shadowcat
    3. Thanos
    4. Black Widow
    5. Blackheart

    1. Lady
    2. Ingrid
    3. Necro
    4. Oni
    5. Ada
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    1. Venom/Flash Thompson
    2. Ms. Marvel
    3. Thanos
    4. Hope Summers
    5. Star-Lord

    1. Captain Commando
    2. Gene
    3. Vile
    4. Franziska Von Karma
    5. Jin Saotome

    For funsies and lols:
    1. Rathalos
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    1. Doc oc
    2. Gambit
    3. Psylocke
    4. Cyclops
    5. Sand man

    1. Captain commando
    2. Q (capcom make it happen please please please please)
    3. Gill
    4. Asura
    5. Twelve
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    1) Blackheart
    2) Spiral
    3) Psylocke
    4) Loki
    5) Cyclops

    1) CapCom
    2) Vile
    3) Vega
    4) Mega Man X
    5) Jin
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    Adam Warlock
    Silver Surfer
    Mister Sinister


    The dude with the sword from Trojan
    The black guy from Forgotten Worlds
    Kassar from Warriors of Fate
    Agrippa from Shadow of Rome

    Obviously I win, so you can all stop now
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    Howard the Duck
    Red Skull

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    I'll explain my picks, why not. Might be fun regardless. Capcom will probably be filled Mega Man characters though, lol.

    1. Venom (Eddie Brock): As Capcom has shown, canon is damned in the versus series (see: Phoenix, Nova). Getting Eddie back as Venom would be amazing, as Flash Venom is currently Chris character wise in game not to mention Flash Venom isn't even a Spider-Man villain much comic wise. Plus, if not Doc Ock, Venom is easily Peter's most recognizable villain, and given how wide Spider-Man's rouges gallery is, that is an accomplishment.

    2. Thanos: I love me some cosmic Marvel, and Thanos fits that role perfectly. On top of possibly being the main villain in the GoTG movie, no one villain has affected cosmic Marvel more than him. Only Annihilus comes close to accomplishing what Thanos did to cosmic Marvel. Plus you already have a decent moveset for him, even if its cartoony given Thanos's character now.

    3. Cyclops: Cyke's still going strong in the comics and possibly the movies soon, given Days of Future Past is going to be a movie. Why not put Cyclops back in, give him his old moveset, and call it a day?

    4. Cable: Here's the last Marvel 2 character that could be in Marvel 3, minus a few nerfs. I know the word nerf is a dirty dirty word, but Cable was a dirty dirty player in MvC2. Deadpool banter would be awesome as well, especially if Cable sees Deadpool in the cosplay outfit.

    5. The Sentry: Waste of a pick? Maybe but consider this: The Sentry is basically Superman, but with the power of a million exploding suns. Now give him teleportation, energy projection from his eyes and hands, a pacifying light, extremely fast speed and senses. Sentry is invulnerable as well, having survived a battle with a Green Scar Hulk, and can even resurrect himself from even disintegration, as he flew himself into the sun once. He's basically Marvel incarnate, really.


    1. Mega Man X: This should require no introduction. Mega Man X got his first cross over in the SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighter games, probably the best appearance thus far though has been a playable role in Project X Zone, but its Marvel where he truly fits. X can literally play any style you want thanks to his massive moveset potential, has access to an eight way air dash and flight, and can even learn better versions of the Shoryuken and Hadoken, putting Ryu and Ken's versions of the move to shame.

    2. Vile: Not to put Sigma under the bus, but Vile said at one point he would haunt X until he died. Then he exploded. In all seriousness, Vile is a monster when it comes to canons, firearms, and long range combat. Imagine Cable's game play, but on crack. Not to mention the fact that his level 3 would be him summoning his staple ride armor, which itself is monstrous. It would also give us another villain for the game, as there nearly isn't enough.

    3. Samanosuke: The main protagonist of Onimusha got put under the bus in TvC due to Soki from Dawn of Dreams. Samanosuke would be amazing in Marvel, on account of him having control of Lighting, Fire, Ice and Wind, leading to a ton of moveset potential right out the gate, not to mention that he can go into a full Oni form for his Level 3, or do something similar.

    4. Gene: Gene from Godhand is basically fit for a fighting game. He has all the moves practically need and canon is damned in the versus series. The gameplay from God Hand translates too well into MvC3, or any other Versus series fighter for that matter.

    5. Asura. Dude throws punches, projectiles and stuff. That is only the beginning, as Asura's powers were shown in his own game. I don't have much to say on him other than he should be in, due to how well he would translate.
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    1) The Punisher
    2) Blade
    3) Daredevil
    4) The Thing
    5) Venom


    1) Asura
    2) Gene
    3) Captain Commando
    4) Regina
    5) Leo
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    On the Marvel side:
    1) Even though this will never happen, Fin Fang Foom
    2) Thanos
    3) Ms. Marvel 
    4) Black Bolt 
    5) Carnage

    On the Capcom side:
    1) Gene
    2) Sigma
    3) Juri
    4) Captain Commando 
    5) Son Son

    Sorry about the edits, I've had better ideas like five seconds after I edit it each time. ;-; This is the last time, I promise.
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    Did Strider really reflect fan requests on some poll?
    Genuine question.

    Either way I'm a suck for wish lists!

    Here we go!

    1. Alex Wilder - This guy could lead the Runaways and have them as assists. Granted in the comics he hasn't been part of their group officially for ages. In the rumored script (and the tv adaptation) he was alive and well. First real summon character a go!

    2. Emplate - I always wanted a characters whose schtick was to suck the life out of you and give it to himself. They could get really creative with his intangibility schtick too.

    3. Midnight Sun - This guy fought the Silver Surfer and almost beat him using nothing but punches and kicks in outer space. Come on now!

    4. Deathlok - Gadgets? Can we say GADGETS!

    5. Blade - They need a black guy, and frankly while I contemplated the Black Panther I think Blade can be more interesting with some creative license.

    1. Garcian Smith - insane hitman with multiple personalities? What's not to like?
    2. Elena - game needs more chicks
    3. Simone - another chick
    4. King Cobra (So original he never made it into SF4's roster, scrap the breakdancing gimmick tho)
    5. Dudley - I'd love to see them make him work.

    I see what you did there. I like it! Lol in a totally you think you're witty kind of way. While I would like to think there's room for one
    melanin advanced dude in there (spencer doesn't count, he's just a dirty hippie.) I think you missed some cool black (ish) characters

    Now my list won't be as biased as yours but check it:

    1.  Bishop - people bitched about him no longer being relevant well guess what? He's baaaaaaack.
    2. Juggernaut- people bitched about him no longer being relevant well guess what? He's baaaaack.
    3. Alex Wilder- I'll agree with you here, I liked the Runaways before they killed him off. Book kind of tanked after that too.
    4. Ultron - Classic Avengers Villain .
    5. Legion- OP? Yes, likely, if they did him right. To balance him out they could give him some type of random personality change.

    Lesson learned? If a Marvel character dies or changes drastically you betcha they'll be back most likely.

    Capcom (I don't really care for many capcom characters so let me support your cause on a few)

    1. Garcian Smith -
    2. Elena -
    3. Asura
    4. King Cobra
    5. Gene

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    1. Emma Frost
    2. Thanos
    3. Iceman
    4. Loki
    5. Ms. Marvel

    1. Roll
    2. Ruby Heart
    3. Jin Saotome
    4. Gene
    5. Jedah
    *gorram formatting*
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    1) Thanos
    2) Ms. Marvel
    3) Venom/Flash Thompson
    4) Black Bolt
    5) Doctor Octopus

    1) Gene
    2) Asura
    3) Demitri 
    4) M. Bison
    5) Juri
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    Black Widow


    Jayne Magdalene
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    3S: Akuma - Oro - Yun
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    Black panther


    Mr X








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    Venom or Anti Venom (I have no preference on who's inside the symbiote)
    Doctor Octopus
    Black Panther

    Megaman (original or X if somehow possible...give Zero a different alt and use that model, NO ONE will complain)

    I am really hoping this is legit. An update to this game is needed and very much anticipated. I hope they do an update that is $40 for new copy, or $15 DLC update.
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    Mr Sinister
    Moon Knight
    Dread Knight


    Harman Smith

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    Nick Fury
    Cloak and Dagger

    Jin Saotome
    Captain Commando
    Megaman (classic version)
    Strider Hien
    Dmitri Maximoff
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     -Captain Commando
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    Bone Wolverine



    Venom / Eddie Brock

    Doc Oc



    Megaman X



    Sting Chameleon

    Storm Eagle


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     Firestar (Spiderman and his Amazing Friends)







     Saki Omokane


     BB Hood

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    Scarlet Witch






    Megaman X

    Nero (DMC 4)

    Gene (God Hand)

    Sigma (MMX)

    Nina (BOF)
    Viper/Morrigan/Dante, Iron Fist/Frank West/Dante, Zero/Viewtiful Joe/Dante
    Dante anchor best anchor
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    Green Goblin
    Ms. Marvel

    Mega Man
    Falcon (Power Stone)
    Gene (God Hand)
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    1. Spiral
    2. Thanos
    3. Psylocke
    4. Carnage
    5. Doctor Octopus


    1. Jin Saotome (Cyberbots)
    2. Gene (Godhand)
    3. Ryu (BOF 2)
    4. Jedah (VS)
    5. Asura (His Wrath)

    I think we have enough females:

    Chun, Viper, Trish, Storm, Phoenix, Jill, Tron...

    Safe to say we are not getting X.  He's an alternate costume. Let it go people.

    I vote for Joseph Magneto DLC Costume instead of his King of Spain costume.
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    1. Silver Surfer (Awesome character)
    2. Cyclopes (We need another evo moment)
    3. Psylocke (For yipes)
    4. Gambit (swag)
    5. Cable (we need another morrigan other than sagat)

    1. Axel (Megaman X Command Mission) - super dope character that shifts forms to mimic characters like shang sung from mk. 
    2. Spider (Megaman X Command Mission) - just straight beast character. In my prof pic uses cards as his main weapon. Capcom's gambit. 
    3. Bass.EXE (megan x series)
    4. Gene (god hand)
    5. Nero (dmc4)
    Just a lazy prick.
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    - Gambit
    - Thanos
    - Rogue - with the 90s hairdo (XvsSF style)
    - Psylocke
    - Juggernaut

    Jeddah - Dark stalkers
    Edge - RS
    Dictator (M Bison)
    Serve Bot

    I'd add Shoma from rival schools but that would just be Frank West without the camera.

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    1. Juri - She was made for this game.
    2. Guile. (Charlie would be here, but it just won't happen)
    3. Alex - from SF3
    4. Ayame - from Powerstone (Ryoma would also be good, but for the purpose of 5 characers)
    5. Regina - from Dino Crisis


    1. Gambit
    2. Psylocke
    3. Carnage (from Spiderman)
    4. Black Panther
    5. Cable

    Not super creative I know. Just realized I don't play too many Capcom games aside from Street Fighter and MvC... Also, don't know a ton about Marvel characters anyway.
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    (Ugh. Of course SRK would have to do something to both the spoiler function non-compact but instead of that useless black-out stuff and do something to the word limit when "improving" itself. Sigh. I admittedly did get rather...overzealous perhaps when it came to doing mock combat intro, outro and win quote dialogue for this since I apparently got to like 42 pages in Notepad [with double spacing], but whatever. I was going to do a TL;DR version anyway; not that I can be concise.)

    [EDIT: Oh, so the compacted spoilers do still exist. They're just entirely manual now. Which is how I'd always been doing them. Only now can only take one paragraph or...something. Sigh. Figures.]

    So, that aside, I'll just say that for the most part, I'm only going to vote for people that I know can probably can get in outside of allowing myself a long-shot character on both sides; ironically enough, Longshot is neither among them nor in the top 20. Everyone else that I'm voting has a Heroes & Heralds card, since that shows that the companies at least somewhat acknowledge their existence still.

    So no voting for people that I already know have been vetoed by the people doing the game for some reason or another, i.e. OG Venom or Gambit. No voting for people I know one or both of the parent companies' hate, even if they have an aforementioned card, i.e. Cyclops (poor, poor Cyclops). No voting for characters who have already caused technical issues for the game, i.e. Doctor Octopus or Silver Surfer. And no voting for characters who would force designs that would just realistically be too much work, i.e. the entire Fantastic Four, a Demitri with a different Midnight Bliss for every character (otherwise, what's the point?), any "summoner" character (looking at you, Monster Hunter), etc.

    (Also I'm not voting for another damn character with a[n auto-tracking] teleport or a sword since we already have too many of those things making this game dumber as it is. Sorry, Nightcrawler. Sorry, Hayato; we already have low-tier character with a sword anyway, right, Arthur?)

    Of course, this means voting against my own interests in some cases, mostly on the Marvel side since, even as long as it's been since I've really bought American (superhero) comics with any regularity, I'd much rather be voting for Nico Minoru, Ultron, Rictor or even Squirrel Girl over freaking Thanos. Accursed Avengers teaser making him a marketing "necessity". (Also I don't care or know much about Anti-Venom, but Venom's fighting-style was "unique" enough that I think it should be replicated.)

    Anyway, I've blathered enough already.

    For the sake of making this easier, I'll have the new "rivals" enumerated as the same number so I don't make Herr Stiekem accidentally double count when I give a sample of their intro dialogue:

    Marvelous Neophytes:

    1. Monica Rambeau (a.k.a Photon; from Nextwave) - [Alt: Her OG Captain Marvel costume] - Intro: "A Japanese ginger? Shouldn't you be, you know, bursting into flames just by being near me?" 

    2. Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel or, apparently, the newest Captain Marvel; from Avengers and her self-titled on-going) - [Alt: Rogue] - Intro: "Great. Magic. Why did it have to be magic?"

    3. Eddie Brock (a.k.a. Anti-Venom; from Spider-Man) - [Alt: His OG Venom costume] - Intro: "So you're a robot? Hunh. Still diseased. Let's fix that."

    4. Piotr Rasputin (a.k.a. Colossus; from X-Men) - [Alt: His apparently recent Juggernaut costume] - Intro: "They are making Sentinels that look like children now? How insidious."

    5. Thanos (of Titan; from various cosmic books) - [Alt: Uh, Jude the Entropic Man?] - Intro: "You think yourself worthy of the Infinity Gems? Bah. You aren't even worthy of Death."

    Captivating NewComers:

    1. Kyosuke Kagami (from the Rival Schools series) - [Alt: His [dead] twin-brother Hyo] - Intro: "You...can transform yourself into light? How is that possible...?!"

    2. Princess Nina of Wyndia (from the Breath of Fire series; intentionally ambiguous, though leans towards BoFIII probably) - [Alt: Her sister, or, perhaps, Tessa/Tabasa from Warzard/Pocket Fighter] - Intro: "You can fly without wings or the aid of magick? This land is truly bizarre."

    3. Sigma (from the Mega Man X series) - [Alt: Dr. Weil from the Mega Man Zero series] - Intro: "You remind me of Web Spider, but it seems you'll be even more fun to corrupt."

    4. Mega Man (from the Classic Mega Man series) - [Alt: Protoman or Bass or Hub; whomever isn't represented in his regular colors] - Intro: "I'm picking up really weird readings from this robot, Dr. Light. Right. I'll be careful."

    5. Ruby Heart (from MvC2 and, technically, Darkstalkers) - [Alt: Tessa/Tabasa if Nina's isn't; if so then, uh, a French maid? (Back off Master Chibi; she's mine)] - Intro: "Tell me! Where are the Infinity Gems?!"

    (Obviously, Photon & Ruby Heart are the "long-shots.")

    I'll leave the rest of this snore-fest to "marketing" stuff that I would left in spoilers...if spoilers compacted anymore. Sigh. Why must we humans break nice things? Anyway, you can skip this even if your eyes haven't starting bleeding out already or your attention span hasn't already waned in this age of highspeed hedonism:

    Marketing and You (Capcom & Marvel/Disney/Lucasarts):

    1. Monica's "Marketing": First and foremost, it would nice to have another non-Asian [or non-White, when you think about how the majority of the world is "Asian"] minority in the game given there's a grand total of one in the form of Storm, who is pretty damn light for a "black" person; let's not get into skin politics please, just stating facts, though even get me started about she keeps getting called "black" in the first place. Not that Monica deserves to get in because she's "blacker" than Storm or anything, but it would be nice to have a black person from America. Additionally, of the relatively few minorities that can get in, Monica has the best chance outside of Power Man, who acts like a walking stereotype and Uncle Tomfoolery most of the time, and maybe Cloak & Dagger. No way in hell that any of youth aside from X-23, much less the ethnic youth like Nico Minoru or Victor, Son of Ultron, are going to get any damn attention after all with the way they've been treated in various books and what not. Similarly, there's no way you're going to get an openly sexual minority in the game--not that this should matter anyway since it's a fighting game--at all, so characters like Hulking, Wiccan, Rictor & Shatterstar are auto-screwed. So, basically, Monica gets in because she can be at once both sensible and hilarious, reminding everyone how she used to lead the Avengers before she kicks their ass. Fighting-wise, she'd probably "borrow" most of Cyclops's moves, including his almost-never-used running grab, though that would like be have to be charged still since I figured she would a) have a flight mode, b) get a Raikousen move instead of a "Gene Splice" (since that's essentially what Ryu's Hadoshoryuken is), c) have that both be AIR OK and d) probably the only newcomer besides maybe Nina to have a Level 3 that hit the entire screen.

    2. Carol's "Marketing": Eh, not much to say about Ms. Danvers except that she probably could use the push what with becoming the third [or fourth..or fifth?, hard to keep track] Captain Marvel. Let's hope she doesn't die of cancer, especially since Monica, an older Captain Marvel, could give that to her; Generic Win Quote: "And remember kids: I wasn't the Captain Marvel that died of cancer; I was the Captain Marvel who could give you cancer." It doesn't help that the mantle has...difficulty despite supposedly being one of Marvel's "flagship" legacies; ironically, the DC Captain Marvel is part of the problem since he's way more popular. But, anyway, with Earth's Mightiest Heroes getting screwed over and my finding it likely that Carol will probably show up in Avengers 2 in some capacity, I figure that she could use the head-start support. Besides, I miss Rogue's play-style and current Rogue is apparently way different now, even if Carol would likely have a projectile counter (and projectile counter super/hyper) over a kiss drain (since that would be too much work, among other things like not making sense).

    3. Eddie's "Marketing": Not much to say outside of promoting Venom's playstyle with the addition of Spider-man's Web Zip, though that probably shouldn't be special cancel-able outside of maybe a Level 1 ala Devil Trigger (complete with life regen); Venom Web becomes a Level 3 simply because it would probably screw with the game too much to have it be a Level 1, non-guaranteed cinematic. Outside of that, I suppose they (read: Marvel) could use his appearance to promote his probable, eventual return as Anti-Venom (using the Toxin symbiote) after his ambiguous "demise" if my reading of his latest fate on Wikipedia is any guess. Shrug. Comics are kind of predictable.

    4. Piotr's "Marketing": Considering that of the second generation--well, third generation; thanks, stupidity that is Deadly Genesis--X-Men, Colossus is pretty damn popular still, even having to compete with Wolverine and Storm, I figure they'd probably mine that generation over people from the others still save maybe Shadowcat; again, sorry Nightcrawler. Given his sister is back from the dead (because that was so surprising) and he apparently hates her now (wtf?), on top of being possessed by Juggernaut's power and Phoenix's power in a short period of time, it seems like they're planning on "big" things for him. Anyway, Colossus was one of the better characters in MvC2, so if anything, the only real problem is expanding his special move-set to have enough assists since he only has two special moves and a "hit-grab" probably would be a bad assist; they just need to give him one new move though and have the other "made-up"/assist only move not suck as hard as, say, Amaterasu's Bloom assist does. He only needs two supers/hypers, though, especially since the Marvel side still doesn't have a Spencer "analog" super-wise and hyper armor is pretty damn devastating even on a character that completely sucks (hey, MvC3 Hsien-ko), much less on an actually more than decent one.

    5. Thanos's "Marketing": Here solely because Marvel would frankly be stupid not to add him in the next wave of characters as way to marketing for Avengers 2. Like, insanely stupid, unless (or maybe even) if he shows up in the sequel to Thor, especially since a bunch of people still seem to like him. I'd totally be fine with him not getting in since otherwise, I'd be voting for Ultron or Black Bolt if I wanted a cosmic character I actually liked, though it would be nice to have someone around to shut Nova's smug ass up. Let's just "hope" that Capcom doesn't make suck as horribly as his MvC2 incarnation did.

    6. Kyosuke Kagami's "Marketing": Speaking of Capcom making someone suck in the sequel to a cross-over, I was initially going to forego voting for him since they screwed him up so badly in CvS2 and I'm slightly more a fan of Yurika or at least giving Akira a chance (since Batsu already had his as well). However, I figure they could redeem themselves and show that they can "fix" Kyosuke, which would be a way of promoting CvS3: The Fate of Two Kagami--the other Kagami being from Last Blade, "obviously"--since people have been clamoring for that alongside new Darkstalkers rather than just having him reappear in CvS3. Additionally, it could promote Rival Schools or at least just give him some measure of closure to the aftermath of Project Justice considering how horribly the story of that screwed him and his brother over, which CvS2 didn't touch at all, which...annoyed me as much as I like that game. I figure, here, he'd be somewhat...pissed ("politely" so, though not as politely as Nina) at Wesker's antics and, to a lesser extent, at Doom's and the demonic characters that aren't Trish, Felicia or Hsien-ko. So, basically adding Kyosuke means getting to add a pseudo-Street Fighter and a pseudo-Resident Evil character while actually giving another franchise a chance as well.

    7. Nina's "Marketing": Someone made a theoretical move-list for Nina well before UMvC3 came out that I found rather interesting and that, with the new Heroes & Heralds mode showing that came can indeed take segments of bar rather than all or nothing, is now actually feasible. Essentially a run-away, meter heavy version of Trish with zoning...well, more so, without the ability to rush down. Too bad I can't find it... Besides that, Breath of Fire hasn't really gotten any love since BoFIV--I'd say since Dragon Quarter, but I haven't played that (either) and it seems like most people tend to think that killed the franchise, so.... But, yeah, they tend to only get background references at most and basically haven't gotten to play in any of Capcom's many crossovers. You know what they say: Always the bridesmaid, never the dragon. Speaking of which, I'd probably be voting for Ryu (or Fou Lu, since we need more villains with actually personality--*looks at Nemesis*), but there's the whole name issue and I'm just really, really fucking tired of swords in this game already. So, sorry, Ryu of the Brood. Princess Nina will look for you (and find Street Fighter Ryu instead), but that's as close as you get this time.

    8. Sigma's "Marketing": Speaking of villains with personality and there being too many swords, I'll admit that, as much as I like Sigma, this is mostly for Diek Stiekem. Not that I dislike Sigma, quite the contrary; I'd prefer if he brought his scythe though. It's just that...Sigma is, technically, brainwashed/infected into villainy due to his initial encounter with Zero and Capcom honestly has too many brainwashed villains as it is, especially on the female side, though Sigma was first; it's why I can't vote Juri and why it annoys me that people in-game treat Jill like a villain even though she's so freaking obviously brainwashed. Still, I guess Sigma's "so far gone" that is no longer really an issue and Diek Stiekem's initial proposal (which I also cannot find) for him was quite interesting. Besides, if I had to vote for another person from the MMX series then it would definitely be Sigma anyway. Someone needs to shut Zero's smug, broken-ass up and, much as I like X himself, staying true to the character, X is a pacifist, so being in a fighting game would actually be punishment characterization-wise.

    9. Mega Man's "Marketing": Though X's much older, kid-lookalike brother, on the other hand, will happily fuck you up, especially if you act like Capcom did, who basically knows how out of touch they were with the Mega Man thing now ultimately given all the Mega Man stuff they've been throwing at us. Mega Man is basically guaranteed to get in (alongside Gene, who I am only not voting for because I've never played Godhand unfortunately, though it looks hilarious), so technically he doesn't need my "help" (like Gene probably doesn't). That said, most of my marketing was just going to be posting a theoretical move-set to shut down arguments that Arthur basically already "fills his spot" and that he's just going to suck (because he totally has to go off his previous movesets, right Jill?). Those as well as that flimsy-ass excuse we were given before vanilla MvC3 came out that they couldn't do anything "too complex" or whatever when we have Dante "I have 40 moves because of dev. favoritism" Sparda in the same game. Seriously, if I could come up with a reasonable move-set of 15 moves, which as a whole represented every Classic Mega Man game, including Mega Man V, in like...three hours, then Capcom has no excuse. (Since posting that without [working] compacting spoilers would take up...a lot of space, I'll just say that it involved using a Dante or Arthur-esque set up of assigning different special move to each button.)

    10. Ruby Heart's "Marketing": To be upfront, Ruby Heart was my "main" when I still played MvC2 and she's a pretty damn good character move-set-wise, though her supers outside of QCF+PP were seriously lacking but those are easily patched up like a couple of her specials. So that is a major factor. However, when combined with my lament that Capcom has way too many brainwashed female "villains", I figured they could try fixing that with Ruby Heart since she's basically a blank slate characterization-wise outside of the high probability that she's at least somewhat French (given her move-set names). So, while she needn't be a complete monster to "compensate", she should easily be a more amoral person, sort of like a pirate version of Tessa, only less mischief and curiosity and more business and profit. Now if only Capcom could somehow get the idea in its head that just because she's a woman and not "nice" or "good", she automatically must be some type of slut, the I'd faith in that being able to work/be pitched. (See: Morrigan, Juri, Poison, etc.) My sample dialogue to Morrigan--Win Quote (vs. Morrigan): "Don't worry. You'll enjoy your stay on my ship quite well. After all, I know how much whips and chains excite you."--aside, it would just be nice to have a woman be authoritative in a Capcom game without them then immediately coming on to you or being dressed in some type of leather bodice that surely must chafe.

    Sorry, Diek Stiekem. You know what happened when I posted in the last Character Poll. Thanks for doing this again.
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