Questions about FADC and throwing

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One thing I would like to ask is about FADC. When I read about it, it seemed like it was primarily used to cancel a special move and go right into another action without recovery frames. That seems useful. It's a bit hard to pull off but that's fine, practice and all.
But what I often see people do is doing a FA and then dashing backwards. I guess it's a FADC as well, but I've never read about it. What are they trying to do? Are they trying to bait an attack that's meant to break through the FA shield (ultra armor I think it's called?) that they can then punish?

Also I don't understand throws at all.
I sometimes press throw and the enemy will throw me instead. What the hell? Shouldn't it at the very least be a tech, that blue spark thing?
When I try to throw the enemy, they'll often just punch me out of it... but then when I'm close to the opponent and punch, they'll still grab me. I don't understand why that happens so often. Is it about timing? But in situations like these there's really no animation that gives away what they'll do. I mean it's not like you can see a jab coming and think "Oh I'll better not throw".. but then again the opponent does throw me when I try to jab? I thought it might be about frame advantages, but I've seen different outcomes for this from the same situation...
I also noticed that when jumping in, hitting the grounded enemy from mid-air and then immediately trying to throw, it will whiff no matter how close I am. It'll just go through the opponent. Might be that this only happens when the opponent blocks, but it seems like there's a short timespan when you can't throw after doing certain things...


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    Well for the FADC's they're commonly used for cancelling specials to either extend the combo (dp on hit into ultra) or to make it safe (dp on block).
    Randomfocus attacks into backdash are also "FADC's" without the special attack though. But doing random focus attacks from fullscreen into backdash is actually a bad habbit of most players. E.g. when I play cammy and someone keeps doing focus backdashes all day I usually react to it with ultra 1 (if available). So it's basically a bad habbit which can be punished with ultra. But for Akuma if he focus backdashes the range of his backdash increases alot (a half box in the lab ? maybe a bit more) because of the focus animation. He takes 1 step back + the backdash. Some people also use FA's into backdash on wakeup to bait reversals but as I said doing them randomly and often will probably make you eat an ultra or another punish.

    Throws... First of all you can only throw grounded opponents which means you can't throw people which are off the ground except if you have an airthrow (cammy chun ibuki vega guy guile etc.). You also can't throw people which are in blockstun or hitstun. For example, Juris jumping hardkick does alot of blockstun on block. While people are in blockstun they can't press any buttons nor can they move forwards or backwards. In this state you can't throw them because they would be unblockable since your opponent can't do shit. Thats why they whiff after you hit your grounded enemys from mid air. I am not sure but if you press throw and your enemy is able to throw you instead its probably because you press throw while you're still in blockstun (too early) and your opponent presses it at the right time (when you're out of blockstun) If you want to practise the timing just pick Ryu and do jab jab throw and record your dummy to mash jabs all day.He can't jab out of it if done right. I think its the most basic and common tick throw in the game.
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    You're right about throws. It's a timing thing. You cannot throw someone who is in hit stun, block stun, or jumping though. Outside of that it's timing. One of the easier ways to get a throw is to do what is called a tick throw. Basically, you start by doing 1 or 2 crouching jabs and then throw the guy. The point here is that, hopefully, the opponent is expecting a full block string but you stop early and throw them. If you try this and notice you're still getting hit, you may either be doing it too late or the person you're fighting just likes to press buttons. It goes by a player to player read on their style.

    FADC backwards is usually used to escape pressure or bait something out. If you're getting pressured it's completely viable to mash our a shoryuken, cancel it and then back dash. If your opponent messed up their timing you can land a free hit. If they're blocking, you uppercut and back dash to create room. Having two bars on a person who has an uppercut type move that can be FADCed is very advantageous. Meter matters a fair amount in this game. The back dash can also be used because it is common for a person to uppercut then FADC forward where, generally, the person who FADCed will uppercut again, throw, or try a block string. If your opponent blocked your uppercut, FADC, he can safely uppercut and FADC you back to beat 2 out of 3 of your best options after you dash forward. This also comes down to reading someone, if you think they will mash out a reversal after you FADC forward, then switch it up to go backwards, let them whiff and punish the living crap out of them. Even a sweep is good here if you can't react fast enough to combo because it lets you mix them up afterwards.

    Good luck, bro.
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