WTS: PS3- Hitbox ($140 Shipped), Hori UMvC3 Stick | Balltops | More!

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Selling: All prices for physical goods are SHIPPED within the USA. If you buy multiple things, price will go down to reflect on saved shipping.

For International Buyers: I am willing to ship internationally, but buyers are responsible for shipping costs on top of the prices as listed. I package all of my sticks very carefully and will purchase insurance for international purchases as well as provide full tracking, but I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged items.

Boxes (if available) may be in various conditions. If you care about the cardboard boxes that the sticks come in, please let me know and I will give you their condition(s).



Hitbox (PS3/PC) - Used (Great Condition) - $140 Shipped
In great condition. Marks you see on the first pic are fingerprints because I forgot to wipe the hitbox down before I took pics. Has a slight scratch (pic 2). Also has one button with a scratch on it (No picture). Other than that, looks to be flawless or nearly so. Works perfectly. Comes with official hitbox cards that come with all purchases (pic 3). The big card is slightly bent on the bottom left corner.

Hori Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Stick - Used (Good Condition) - $100 Shipped
In good condition. Some signs of wear (as pictured)


Random Balltops: On top are bubbletops. The lime green bubbletop is larger than standard (not sure of exact size but looks to be like 2x bigger). Three solid color balltops on the bottom. Haven't come up with a price yet, but PM me if interested.

Discounted Best Buy/Amazon.com/GameStop Gift Cards

I take Paypal and (upon request) Amazon Payments.
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My Buy/Sell/Trade Thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/174629/wts-360-ps3-hrap-3-buttons-ball-tops/p1
Currently selling: Hitbox ($140 shipped), Hori UMvC3 Stick for PS3 ($140 shipped), Various balltops, and much more!


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