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Hey guys,i have recently purchased 2 x QanBa Q4RAF sticks,i heard these were 1 of the best on the planet :),due in this week.

I have a mame cabinet with PS3 and Xbox 360 built in,since i am new to arcade sticks can you guys give me a list of great fighting games that work well with arcade sticks?

I know STreet Fighter v is good,but games like UFC and Fight night? Do they Work Well with a stick(since most ps3/360 games have a second thumd pad)

Any list of great games will be great.



  • d3vd3v Slide Grab Gyakunitaku Kick Joined: Posts: 27,219 mod
    Any game that requires analog control, let alone a second analog stick will not work with a regular arcade stick.
    For me, SF4 got fighting games backward - combos are supposed to be easy and reversals are supposed to be hard.

  • BonoscotBonoscot Joined: Posts: 5
    My qanba q4 raf plays fine with analogue.
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    2D games work great with fightstick.
    3D games are kind of determined on the amount of buttons they use and how they traverse the 3d world. If it's 1 stick and some buttons then really it shouldn't matter what kind of controller you're using.
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